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I like Robots

Philip K. Dick died in Santa Ana, California, on March 2, 1982. He had suffered a stroke five days earlier, and was disconnected from life support after his EEG had been consistently isoelectric since losing consciousness. After his death, his father Edgar took his son's ashes to Fort Morgan, Colorado. When his twin sister Jane died, her tombstone had both their names carved on it, with an empty space for Dick's death date. Brother and sister were eventually buried next to each other.
Dick was recreated by his fans in the form of a remote-controlled android designed in his likeness.[27] The android of Philip K. Dick was included on a discussion panel in a San Diego Comic Con presentation about the film adaptation of the novel, A Scanner Darkly. In February 2006, an America West Airlines employee misplaced the android's head, and it has not yet been found.[28]

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back in Black


AC/DC - Back In Black (via RocknRollAddicts)

AC/DCの不滅のアルバムBack In Black。



Ageless and Defiant, AC/DC Remains Popular Without Going Digital
あ、もちろん「スリラー」は1億1千万枚というダントツの売上実績というトンデモナイ数字。その意味でBehind The Maskがこのアルバムに入っていれば、最初にマイケル・ジャクソン側から提示された50%の印税でも坂本龍一氏への著作権収入だけで年間数千万円はあったかもしれなかったのにね。

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