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Reason #31 to be happy

Whales DO Fly... by ~TotallyJesus

Adding to Mark Morford's list discussed earlier (hat tip to wagga):
A319 'Spy Plane' Joins Fight Against Antarctic Whaling
Aussies Monitoring Japanese "Scientific" Mission

Nevermind the A380... here's a true Airbus "whalejet." Australia has deployed an impressive new tool in its opposition against Japanese whaling operations in the Antarctic -- an A319 narrowbody, outfitted with advanced surveillance and imaging equipment.

The plane -- deployed along with the Customs patrol cruiser 'Oceanic Viking' -- reportedly conducted a six-hour mission Sunday, keeping an eye on what is an ostensibly scientific Japanese whaling program now underway, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

The surveillance is an effort by the government of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, to help build an international legal case against what many believe are illegal whale-hunting operations. The aircraft performed well -- identifying two foreign fishing vessels, according to a spokeswoman for Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus. Poor weather conditions prevented the Airbus from reaching its primary search area.

The plane is just the latest vehicle to join what has escalated into an all-out, Cold War-esque spy game in the chilly seas of the Antarctic. The conservation group Sea Shepherd -- also holding station in the area, to monitor suspected whaling operations -- reports one of its vessels, the 'Steve Irwin,' was shadowed last week by a Japanese fishing trawler.

"The Fukuyoshi Maru No. 68 is a large drag trawler," said Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson. "It's a fast ship and can easily stay out of reach of the 'Steve Irwin'. The Sea Shepherd helicopter has flown over and it is not equipped with any fishing gear. There is evidence of electronic surveillance gear."

A Greenpeace International ship, the 'Esperanza,' is also shadowing the Japanese whaling ship 'Nisshin Maru' -- and, in turn, is being followed by the catcher ship 'Yushin Maru No. 2,' according to Greenpeace whales campaign coordinator Sara Holden. With all the spying going on, it's doubtful anyone has any time to conduct any other operations, scientific or otherwise... and that's the intent, Holden says.

"So long as they are not whaling, that's the point," she said. "The fact we are in day 10 without any whales being taken is fantastic. We suspect that the orders from Tokyo are for nobody to see them whaling. This is a delicate time for them politically."

If needed, the Aussie A319 is ready to fly other missions, according to the Home Affairs spokeswoman.

In case you were wondering, reason #30 was Vick's dogs.

BTW these relaxing, rather vintage French mp3's are pleasant as well when one is home sick with a sinus infection.
Coralie Clement - Samba De Mon Coer Qui Bat.mp3
Why does everything sound better in French?

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Vanity, thy name is...

Vanity, thy name is... by ~shandyevians

Barbie gets a corset piercing with tattoos! Woohoo! I shall post my related finds (like the pink ducky babe) elsewhere in my multi-tentacled blogs of pointless nonsense and such.

Through those doors... by ~Seducer

Pink Ducky Babe!

P.S. I still like this housing song: [MP3] Mono In VCF - Key To The House.

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It seems that I was far more excited about their new mommy and baby octopus toys than either Akubi or Tanuki. As you can see, the chewy shaped like a large ear was far more intriguing from their perspective.

Funny search phrase poetry here and at Edgar's Toilet...
Current baab results:
8.89% casey lynch naked
6.67% let me tell you about the very rich
6.67% casey lynch nude
6.67% let me tell you about the very rich, they are different from you and me, they possess and enjoy early
6.67% scrappyboy
4.44% kiyosaki investing pbs
4.44% jean val jean porn
4.44% casey lynch porn
4.44% smellmeand
4.44% delaware 228(e) prompt notice
2.22% kermit the frog whack
2.22% brigitte bardo addiction
2.22% john draper and crunch and process of getting rich
2.22% ethanol project
2.22% gypsy tattoo
2.22% ulcer signature mitchell
2.22% arlington cant
2.22% thinspo blog
2.22% nancy sinatra these boots were made for walking blogspot
2.22% des legendes mariage freres
2.22% is it true dick cheney butt fucks animals in wyoming
2.22% mouth biting
2.22% blogaboutablogaboutablog
2.22% pbs dr wayne dyer
2.22% breastfeeding iaff
2.22% kinds of giant octopuses
2.22% delaware 228(e)

Current Edgar's Toilet results:
15.66% camila pissoir
10.84% luxurious toilets
6.02% toilet hat
4.82% antiaue toilet museum, worcester, mass.
4.82% vika smoking
3.61% wormorator
2.41% outdoor toilets new york
2.41% smiley face toilet
2.41% mens bathroom sinks
2.41% toilet pussy photo
2.41% toilet vixens
2.41% nudes on toilet
2.41% toilet luxury
2.41% mens batroom sinks
2.41% proper toilet use
2.41% man's bathroom
1.20% proper use of toilet
1.20% arab toilet
1.20% red fishnets
1.20% dirty vintage
1.20% toilet pussy
1.20% charles manoog
1.20% home colonic toilet
1.20% crapper in nativity
1.20% sewer
1.20% groovy loo seats
1.20% cyclist toilet roll holder
1.20% leila fishnet
1.20% coll bell toilet worms traumatized
1.20% pussy urinal
1.20% extra large toilet rolls
1.20% men in fishnets
1.20% japanese outdoor toilets
1.20% shit missed toilet floor
1.20% facial cutting
1.20% vixen, wagga wagga
1.20% edgar's toilet
1.20% crazy japanese toi
1.20% tacky toilet seats
1.20% sewer fibre

BTW don't miss John Keats on Zillow Book!

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Is it true Dick Cheney Butt Fucks Animals in Wyoming?

Yes, Virginia Google Searcher, it is true.

The gray wolf has been trying to reclaim its place as alpha predator in parts of Idaho and the Greater Yellowstone Region ever since 65 members of this endangered species were reintroduced in the 1990s. The wolves are doing too good a job, perhaps.
Under pressure from another alpha predator, human hunters (along with state officials eager to keep hunters happy), the
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has changed a rule in a way that has wildlife campaigners howling.
The complaints are not about the section allowing someone to kill a wolf attacking, say, a dog or livestock. It’s the part about states and tribal governments having the right to allow greatly expanded killing of wolves in “non-essential” populations where local officials determine that wolf packs are taking too big a share of deer and elk herds also coveted by hunters.
a news release, the Fish and Wildlife Service said the states needed more flexibility to allow them to “manage” and “remove” wolves (euphemisms for shooting them) where their predatory skills are too effective.
“The states have done an excellent job managing wolves, and this revision will provide the extra flexibility they may need to manage wolves for some time in the future,” said Jay Slack, acting regional director for the service’s Mountain-Prairie Region, in the release.
The Sierra Club complained bitterly today in its own release, estimating that the action could result in the killing of all but 600 of the approximately 1,500 wolves in the region.
“If we call open season on wolves now, we could soon find ourselves back at the starting line. It’s a tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars,” said Sierra Club representative Melanie Stein. “Deer and elk populations are thriving in this region. There’s absolutely no reason to begin slaughtering wolves, other than to please a handful of special interests. This is another example of politics trumping science in the Bush administration. Federal and state agencies are tripping over each other, and our wildlife are suffering as a result.”
Local governments have
been pressing for the change for awhile, and in the rural West, the right of humans to dominate nature is as deep-rooted as the laws of physics. Kirk Johnson of The Times filed a fine piece on wolves and the changing West earlier this month. [UPDATE 1/25: The above sentence was written in haste. There’s no geographic constraint to the human tendency to try to dominate the wild. The East did it long ago. Humans in the Amazon are still at it.]
As human populations expand, there’ll be ever more such clashes between human interests and those of wide-ranging wildlife, whether in the Serengeti or Wyoming.
Howling Over Federal Plan to Expand Wolf Killing - Check out the video while you're there.

Thankfully there's at least one sweet, sane person in Wyoming.

Let's buy that million dollar home we've been wanting!

Thanks to the economic stimulus package and our government we can get further in debt for less money. Sweet deal! It's the American way!
Speaking of debt don't forget to vote for 6 Degrees of Casey Serin to Hillary Clinton.

[MP3] Mono In VCF - Key To The House via i guess i'm floating.

Photos from Sexy Follies via Dadanoias

29 things to be happy about
Yes, it's all doom and gloom and war and global warming and Bush. Except when it's not
28) A whopping 84 percent of Americans claim to be somewhere between "pretty happy" and "very happy." No, no one knows what sort of crack they're smoking. I mean, haven't they all seen the global warming? The imminent apocalypse? The staph infections and the drug-resistant bacteria and the Islamo-fascists and Dick Cheney's black and vile stare? Why all the happiness? It is because of all the Prozac? Or is it because of No. 29?

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Vote for 6 Degrees of Casey Serin to Hillary Clinton Winner!

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! Wagga has been busy on a release, but would like a placeholder reserved in the vote/game.

Hey Kidz,
It's time to vote for the 6 Degrees of Casey Serin to Hillary Clinton win-win winner!

Hillary Clinton by ~Chrissmiss

Who would have known they have so much in common!
We have these excellent entries to choose from:

Edgar said...
1) KC was on the Dr. Phil Show today.2) Punxsutawney Phil is a groundhog.
3) Groundhog Day is February 2nd, three days before Super Tuesday.
4) Super Tuesday will (hopefully) be the day that voters send that skank Hillary Clinton packing.
January 16, 2008 10:49 PM

Ogg the Caveman said...
1. Hillary Clinton is married to Bill Clinton.
2. Bill Clinton famously "did not have sexual relations with that woman".
3. Casey Serin did not have sexual relations with that woman.
I'll work up something more convoluted later.
January 16, 2008 11:05 PM

Benoit™ said...
Many of their respective detractors contend that both Hillary Clinton and Casey Serin are closeted homosexuals. ;-)
January 17, 2008 9:25 AM

Ogg the Caveman said...
One step, one gay joke. That's our Benoit™ all right.
1. Bill Clinton was impeached.
2. Peaches are sold by the pound.
3. The pound is the currency used in Great Britain.
4. Great Britain is abbreviated GB.
5. GB is an alternate designation for the nerve gas Sarin.
6. Sarin is a homophone of Serin.
January 17, 2008 6:49 PM

Ogg the Caveman said...
Ok, I hate to flood the entries but I can't resist doing one of these too.
1. Casey Serin is infamous for his blog.
2. Akubi has a blog which used to be mostly about Casey Serin.
3. I'm Akubi's #1 fan.
4. Hillary Clinton came in #1 in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.
January 17, 2008 6:57 PM

BelowTheCrowd said...
oOh come on, it's so obvious.
Hillary (and Bill) Clinton lost a lot of money on their investment in speculative real estate that they bought sight-unseen when interest rates went up and the market collapsed. They were eventually investigated by the feds but never formally charged with a crime.
Casey Serin lost a lot of money on his investment in speculative real estate that he bought sight-unseen when interest rates went up and the market collapsed. He was eventually investigated by the feds but (so far) never formally charged with a crime.
The key difference is that in the wake of the investigations it was revealed that Bill Clinton got a blowjob, yet he remained married. It is presumed that Casey has not received a blowjob (it would lead to a false sense of accomplishement...), yet will soon be divorced.-btc
January 18, 2008 9:49 AM

BelowTheCrowd said...
It should also be noted that the original Whitewater properties were located near Flippin, AR.
Can't make this up folks.-btc
January 18, 2008 10:38 PM

Schnapps said...
1. Casey owns (or owned a blue ball)
2. I'm willing to bet Hillary was in possession of a set of blue balls after the Lewinsky affair.
And that, friends, is the best I can do after being stuck in a traffic jam that doubled my commute time.
January 18, 2008 6:56 PM

NotAnOptimist said...
D = Hillary Clinton shares a first name with Hilary Duff.
R = Duff Goldman is the star of Food Network's reality show Ace of Cakes.
P = "Realistic" isn't exactly how one would describe any of Pablo Picasso's works.
H = One of Picasso's friends was Henri Matisse.
I = While Matisse liked to paint from nature, Picasso tended to draw from his imagination.
L = Imagination is something that Casey Serin has in abundance. Laziness is also something Casey Serin has in abundance.
January 23, 2008 12:01 AM

wagga said...
Both kc & Bill Clinton had lucky investments (first condo; Whitewater)
Look in kc's murse and you'll find a wad of money, or more likely, credit cards.
Blue is the color of kc's ball(s), shirt, water bottle & cat-5 cable.
Blue was the color of Monica Lewinski's dress.
Forensic analysis of the dress revealed a wad of Bill's.
Mr. Clinton & kc both have experience sleeping on the sofa whilst the marital bed flew solo.
And Bill Clinton is connected in some indefinable way to Hillary.
And both have Blue-Sky dreams.
January 24, 2008 4:41 PM

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

CTHULooPS Breakfast Cereal!

Free Elder God in every box! Woohoo!
You might also like Chtulthu Crunch breakfast cereal.

BTW this is your last chance to submit your 6 Degrees of Casey Serin to Hillary Clinton entry before the voting begins!

Butterfly on the brain via Daily · Dreamtime

GREENVILLE — Former President Bill Clinton said today that he would take Senator Barack Obama up on his challenge last night to prove himself as the first black president by entering a dance competition — against Mr. Obama.
Mr. Obama was asked at last night’s debate whether Mr. Clinton was “the first black president,” as Toni Morrison, the novelist, has said. Mr. Obama replied that he would first have to see whether Mr. Clinton can dance before calling him a brother. It was a brief moment of levity in a contentious slug-fest of a debate with Senator Hillary Clinton and former Senator John Edwards.
In response to a question at a town hall meeting here today, Mr. Clinton said, “I would be willing to engage in a dancing competition with him, even though he’s much thinner and younger than I am, but only if I got an age allowance.”

If it indeed happens it should be f-ing hilarious.

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.:::Eternity:::. by ~szydlak

eyeH8 id by ~szydlak

3.444.7777.333.444.4.88.777.33 by ~szydlak

Hideo Nakata tribute by ~szydlak

love me as i am by ~szydlak

faces of sorrow 07 by ~szydlak

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Abandoned Undersea Wonderland with Tentacles & Jellyfish

I've spent quite a bit of time on cepahlopods so perhaps I should explore jellyfish for a change...

Hat tip to Ogg for this intriguing abandoned building in Russia. I wonder what it was...

Strange Portrait by *PostcardsStock

Is it just me or does this woman appear as though she's holding a precious sea creature?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Fishnet Friday!

Funny Dadanoias's post:
Mp3 para Elzo;Toy Dolls - Nelly The Elephant.mp3

s003 by ~Fred-77

More fun with fishnets at Zillow Book!

Since some concerned citizens managed to get Google to censor Zillow Book™ the crawlers are no longer directing like-minded folks to the blog, hence the creation of the Zillow Book™ subsidiaries Zillowed™ and Nietzsche Koi™. I'm also experimenting with releasing the full rss feeds to see if it makes a difference. I don't particularly like high res images in my feeds so I'll abandon that change if it doesn't work.
Anyway, I still can't figure out what was objectionable about the artistic nudes and such.

Don't forget to play 6 Degrees of Casey Serin to Hillary Clinton!

Submission by ~zynthexia

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

6 Degrees of Casey Serin – Casey to Hillary Clinton

Hillary-ism by ~Bongaboi

Hey Kidz,
Due to popular demand and KC nostalgia the 6 Degrees of Casey Serin game is back (for now).
The current challenge is KC to HC!
Woohoo! Win-win!

No More Electronic Hair Pieces

RIP Mort Garson

In other news Ogg found this link about Casey's appearance on the Dr. Phil Show tonight and noted the following quote from G:
'I want to cut all ties with my ex-husband and move on with my life. I want to hold on to my newfound peace. I have had more peace in the last four months living without him than I've had in the last three years living with him.'


Two versions of a girl’s body delicately tangled up in tentacles: Moriguchi’s “Veranda” (left) and the more drastic “Tide” (right).

One final question: Octopuses often appear in your works. Why is that?

I just love them! (Laughs) They are kind of kinky, I think. I would love to do a whole exhibition on the theme of octopuses some day.

Ahem, I don’t think I can ever look at an octopus the same carefree way again, when I see one sliced up the next time I’m at a sushi shop…

Yuji Moriguchi’s Erotic Fantasies via Ectomo

The housewife and her favourite vegetables: Humorous eroticism with “Early Afternoon Affair” (left). On the right, “Incantation.”

Don't forget to check out these toilet seats at Edgar's Toilet!

UPDATE: Beethovens 9th symphony played on a stuffed octopus via Neotorama

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War Porn Media

Caught on camera: the Downfall of HD DVD via Wagga

Thankfully the tedious Democratic debate is over so I can stop worrying that my foot could be filled with flesh-eating bacteria and maggots like the one on the left. When I get bored hypochondria sets in and this shit is fucking scary.

Sanyo's Solar Money Shot

Sanyo calls their creation the Solar Ark. But let’s face it: it’s the Sanyo Solar Penis. At over a thousand feet long and 120 feet high, it’s the biggest solar wang in the world.

The Ark is actually is pretty cool piece of technology. It’s covered with over five thousand high-efficiency solar panels — enough to generate 500,000 KWh of clean, green electricity. There’s a built-in solar energy museum, and multicolor lights across the Ark’s surface can be used to spell out a variety of animated messages. Viagra commercials, perhaps.

No doubt Sony is dying of solar envy.

Sanyo’s Solar Penis Is Bigger Than Yours

Oxygen Bar for Dogs

Dogs are slowly replacing human children. In Japan, there are already more households with dogs than there are households with kids, and the service industry is right up there to pamper them. Here we see a canine oxygen bar--just one of the many luxury services available to dogs in Japan, like haute couture and yoga.
The owners of this facility already have about 20 oxygen bars for humans, but decided that our dog friends could benefit from clean air unattainable in cities like Tokyo. The dogs are placed in this glass cylinder and blasted with air for 30 minutes. Then, supposedly, they feel better. Image by AP
Tokyo oxygen bar offers pick-me-up for pooped pups [Reuters]

i09: High-End Oxygen Bar Slows Down Canine Aging [Japan]

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ethanol from Garbage!

garbage by ~miss-vomit
What a great idea!

DETROIT — General Motors (GM) says it is investing in a fledgling company that claims its secret process could be able to make ethanol from waste in large quantity as soon as 2010 for $1 a gallon or less, half the cost of making gasoline.
Bill Roe, CEO of 18-month-old ethanol maker Coskata, says the company's process uses bacteria developed at the University of Oklahoma and existing gasification technology to generate 99.7% pure ethanol, plus water. He says the method should leapfrog cellulosic production, which has been seen as the next step from today's ethanol production using corn.

GM won't disclose its investment, but Roe says it's enough to make Coskata "a speed-to-market play. I don't think most people saw this coming," he says. "Most talk about cellulosic ethanol is futuristic."

Coskata's process can use garbage, old tires and other waste, but Roe says wood waste probably will be used at first because it's available, cheap and easy to handle.

More from General Motors finances ethanol maker Coskata

Hat tip to Wagga for this find.

In other news, January 13 through 19 is Slow Down Week.