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Cliff House, San Francisco – September 7th 1907

The Cliff House and Sutro Baths survived the 1906 earthquake with little damage but burned to the ground on the evening of September 7, 1907. Rebuilding of the restaurant was completed within two years and, with additions and modern restorations, is the one seen today.

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Der Blaue Reiter

Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, August Macke, Alexej von Jawlensky, Marianne von Werefkin, Gabriele Münter, Lyonel Feininger, Albert Bloch and others founded the group in response to the rejection of Kandinsky's painting Last Judgement from an exhibition. Der Blaue Reiter lacked a central artistic manifesto, but was centred around Kandinsky and Marc. Paul Klee was also involved.

Wassily Kandinsky, Der Blaue Reiter, 1903
The name of the movement comes from a painting by Kandinsky created in 1903 (see illustration). It is also claimed that the name could have derived from Marc's enthusiasm for horses and Kandinsky's love of the colour blue. For Kandinsky, blue is the colour of spirituality: the darker the blue, the more it awakens human desire for the eternal (see his 1911 book On the Spiritual in Art).
Within the group, artistic approaches and aims varied from artist to artist; however, the artists shared a common desire to express spiritual truths through their art. They believed in the promotion of modern art; the connection between visual art and music; the spiritual and symbolic associations of colour; and a spontaneous, intuitive approach to painting. Members were interested in European medieval art and primitivism, as well as the contemporary, non-figurative art scene in France. As a result of their encounters with cubist, fauvist and Rayonist ideas, they moved towards abstraction.

Die Fuchse

Franz Marc

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Moonriver Geisha

Moonriver Geisha by ~jellofishy

Drowning Geisha by ~classically-fragile

In other news: In the Grip of the Unknown

I liked the photo, but I also think there's a close connection between epilepsy and migraines - or at least the sort I get - so I found the article interesting and this quote rather funny:
On the day he sees Wheeless, he also sees a college student who has had more than 100 seizures, the most recent one last fall. It happened, she says, after taking Benadryl, an over-the-counter allergy drug that can promote seizures in susceptible patients.

Devinsky nods sympathetically. "How many?" he asks.

"Fifteen," she mumbles. "It's like Robi-tripping."

Devinsky sighs. "I hate to give you the drugs-and-alcohol lecture in front of your parents."

Who the hell takes 15 Benadryl for fun?
I can understand codeine, vicodine, etc., but Benadryl?
Kids are really messed up these days.

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Happy Tentacle and Fishnet Friday!

Daikichi Amano

Forget everything you thought you knew about squid porn. What's that? You didn't? Oh, well allow me to introduce to you Daikichi Amano - straddling the line between art photos and hardcore porn by way of cephalapods...

Because I had strong interest in sex from the school child age, I sneaked in to the ladies' room. I knew I had been disliked by the girls in the class, and also it became impossible to take out a large amount of toy (minicar and eraser) put in the anus and I was taken to the hospital by my parents. When I wanted to experience the orgasm with the anus and the anus was groped while sitting straight, I slept as I was, and the nerve of the foot started being cut, and I was carried by the ambulance. Because I was putting inconvenience on the parents each time, I think that I was making them anxious.
- Daikichi Amano

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