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Breakfast by *PhotosByDolph

Virtual Absinthe Museum

I just happened to come across the rather intriguing collection at The Virtual Absinthe Museum.

It run by UK-based Oxygenee Ltd, a UK-based firm "operating in the field of absinthe, and rare and ancient spirits." They host Absinthe Classics where one can purchase from a variety of absinthe. Perhaps just the right holiday present for someone special!

A Baccarat uranium glass liqueur set from between 1830 and 1860.

Absinthe Blog: L’ Absinthe Rend Fou

The Dr. Wayne Dyer and Robert Kiyosaki Connection

A visual metaphor of Dr. Wayne Dyer "interconnecting" naive people's money with his bank account...
connected. by ~kisla-katzen

Well, I did some Googling to see how many others might be annoyed by Dr. Wayne Dyer and similar crap that is aired during PBS pledge drives and discovered a Kiyosaki connection.

Many of the letters, probably a majority, made specific critical references to two of the leading pledge drive special programs distributed to the more than 300 local stations affiliated with PBS: One is the basic hour-long (it can extend for much more than an hour with the local station pledge breaks included) program of Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" series of best-selling books on investment, with a heavy emphasis on real estate, and personal finance advice. The other involves presentations of up to four hours by psychologist and self-help guru Wayne Dyer, Ph.D., described as "public television's favorite teacher of transformational wisdom" and the author of "Your Erroneous Zones," "Pulling Your Own Strings" and "The Power of Intention."


I've always considered myself a member of the "core" audience for public broadcasting, and as such, I recoil in horror at the fundraising programs embraced by the PBS affiliates in the Carolinas. Dr. Wayne Dyer must be laughing all the way to the bank. That he can speak for hours in platitudes and say nothing of substance is annoying enough; that he is lining his pockets in the process (I assume he's getting paid) is doubly offensive.

Reid Spencer, Davidson, NC

I am really appalled at your labeling Dr. Wayne Dyer "America's foremost spiritual guide & mentor." Is Dr. Dyer aware you are calling him such? It's presumptuously arrogant of you to do so, let alone for anyone to claim such for themselves. Is he America's pope? Has he replaced God? Shame on PBS!

Paul Bird, Huntington, WV

I was about to make a donation to PBS as I love the quality of programs offered. I will not donate after, by accident, I saw a broadcast of the program "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." I was unpleasantly surprised that PBS is lowering its standard to broadcast this type of scam artist. This is worst program ever and I hope it will be discontinued soon. This is viewer betrayal in the worst sense.

Laguna Hillas, CA

I was appalled watching "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" on a local PBS affiliate tonight. The principal speaker, Robert Kiyosaki, was offering highly controversial and questionable financial advice. His recommendations include avoiding conventional diversified investments (especially stock and bond funds) and instead buying only real estate. The format was one of an inspirational seminar where Kiyosaki criticizes time-honored investment advice as for losers and his approach as the road to riches. At pledge breaks, he offers his books and other media, which is I wouldn't be surprised were his actual road to riches. It would not be unusual to see such a program as a late-night infomercial. But for PBS to air this program and offer his material with donations gives this show an air of respectability that is completely unexpected. At best, PBS is showing a very unbalanced presentation that would be judged by most economists as rubbish and that directly benefits its speaker financially. At worst, PBS, by lending its reputation for integrity and accuracy to this program, is duping gullible listeners into following his advice and possibly leading them to financial ruin.

Michael Riley, New York, NY

This program lacked content — to say the least. Neither was there any financial planning or retirement advice given by Mr. Kiyosaki; he seemed to take pleasure in belittling people who go to college to get a degree. It also seemed like Mr. Kiyosaki was more interested in using the as a forum to pitch his products. I would have expected PBS to have done their due diligence and reviewed the content for worthiness before airing it. After sitting through 90 minutes, I felt like I was watching an infomercial and it reflects rather poorly on what PBS stands for.

Coppell, TX

I wish to add my voice to those deploring the growing commercialization of PBS and its affiliates, and in particular its readiness to associate intimately and uncritically with pseudo-scientific New Age religion as touted by the likes of Wayne Dyer. When PBS presents such one-sided, evangelical programming as Dyer's for many hours, year in and year out, during ever more frequent pledge drives, simple reason sees this is as effectively an endorsement of the content therein, official shoulder-shrugging denials notwithstanding. That PBS managers cannot recognize, or choose to disregard, the double-talking, manipulative, commercialized and frankly sectarian nature of this material, and their complicity in making it seem legitimate and uncontroversial, is either a testament to their gullibility or to an unprincipled, blindered quest for pledge money however it's obtained. Whichever the reason, this tack has become sufficiently distressing for me and other supporters of PBS to now withhold our donations, until responsibility is restored. PBS has been receiving this feedback for years now, and yet no change has occurred, nor any real recognition of the depth of this ethical lapse. To suggest that the survival of PBS is in jeopardy no longer moves us to help — we consider it already moribund at the hands of a utilitarian, corporate obtuseness run rampant. Sorry to be blunt, but more mild appeals have fallen on deaf ears. There are not unlimited chances to listen to friends before they surrender you to your own folly. If the former philosophy of sober educational programming based on reason and balanced skepticism does not return to PBS, it will die a deserved death, degraded and disgraced in its final years, and will be mourned only for what it had been in its prime, not for what it became.

Bruce Springsteen, Lawrence, KS

...Wouldn't reruns (even REALLY old ones) or even a test pattern, be better than airing intelligence-insulting snake-oil salesmen and fake garden-gurus dispensing dubious information? What would it take to return to those PBS glory days, I wonder? A concerned viewer . . .

Baton Rouge, LA

PBS has changed. Several minutes of advertising before each show. I watch PBS to escape the hype. All weekend New Age shows about love, female empowerment, yoga, investing, and similar nonsense appear to be more infomercials. Hours and hours of "classic" rock and pop, often performed poorly by the elderly original artist. I watch PBS to see new and different things. If I wanted so much music, I'd watch any of many cable channels dedicated to music. PBS used to have a whole evening of great programming. Now there's maybe an hour a night of good programming and the rest is junk. I guess PBS is going the way of commercial network television, but with one difference. In addition to airing junk programming, PBS caters to the affluent who can contribute big bucks. I guess that makes PBS more like a political party than a television station for the masses.

Williamsburg, VA

I concur with Mr. Reid Spencer's e-mail observation of Dr. Dwayne Dyer's "hours of platitudes" with "nothing of substance" while "lining his pockets" as a double insult. This pop pseudo spiritualist is succeeding with his "intention" to convince us, in his self-laudatory and trumpeting manner, that he is humble and enlightened (along with his kid geniuses) while "interconnecting" naive people's money with his bank account. Hey, it worked for him. I would expect more sophistication from PBS in the selection of subjects for true spiritualism. Seek and you shall find.

Kevin Finnegan, Minneapolis, MN

In other news, I thought this Eiffal Tower of condoms was rather cute.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hitchcock Wiki and Gallery

If you're a Hitchcock fan check out the impressive gallery at Hitchcockwiki (via RaShOmoN).

In other news...
What Would Jesus Do Without a Lawyer?

Lenora Claire: I've always said art much like breasts should be in your face. Since this is a show about art and breasts I started thinking of taking something as classic as a typical nativity scene and giving it a pop twist. I really feel that is the Virgin Mary found herself knocked up today that she would have to go work at Hooters to support the baby Jesus. Like everything I do there are high brow and low brow elements. It's all about subversion.
The Most Offensive Xmas Art Show Hits Hollywood

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jenni Tapanila's Fishnets: Red and Me

red and me by Jenni Tapanila

In other news, how about a chocolate Santa butt plug for a mere $100?

Midland Accent and ADD

While I was waiting on a data load I discovered that I have a Midland accent (essentially no accent) and suffer from ADD. Anyone else care to share their results?

What American accent do you have?

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

North Central
The West
The Inland North
The South
The Northeast
What American accent do you have?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

What mental disorder do you have?

What mental disorder do you have?
Your Result: ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

You have a very hard time focusing, and you find it difficult to stay on task without your mind wandering. You probably zone in and out of conversations and tend to miss out on directions because you cannot focus

Manic Depressive
GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
What mental disorder do you have?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Joy and Exotic Fishnets

Breaking news UPDATE! William S. Burroughs Thanksgiving prayer...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Joy by *spazzykoneko

I Get So Lonely by Juicy Carolina

Another janelle-dev by *DarkFashionShow

In Casey-related news: Festering pools left behind at foreclosed homes pose health risk
Standing on the edge of a swimming pool gone bad, public health worker Jeremy Tamargo scoops up a sample of murky, brown water to make sure the mosquito treatment he administered earlier is still working.
A collection of plastic toys stashed in a corner of the yard and a stuffed toy floating forlornly in the swampy water indicate a family once played here, until foreclosure forced a move.
Now the once-sparkling, turquoise jewel is a "green pool," a legacy of the foreclosure crisis — and a breeding ground for millions of potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes that have kept health officials busy in California and elsewhere...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Nancy Sinatra and Janet Reno have an easy solution to the defiant doomsday cult problem in the explosive Russian cave.

People in general have proved themselves to be hopeless, but please stop the massacre of the dolphins and whales!

If this senseless slaughter pisses you off contact the Japanese Consul now:
2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20008
Phone: 202-238-6700 (Main) 202-238-6900

Thursday, November 15, 2007

And the 6 Degrees of Casey Serin to Dick Cheney Winner is…

Flying Monkey Warrior!

Here is the award winning entry:

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

1. Dick Cheney brags about being called Darth Vader on the internet.
2. DarthVeder is the melodramatic villain in a Book called Star Wars which made millions when it was made into a movie
3. Dick Cheney made millions when Halliburton landed no bid contracts from the Tax Payers.
4. Casey Serin owes taxes (according to his blog), took out over a million dollars in liar NINJA loans and is now writing a book on the internet, bagging about it, which makes him a true life melodramatic villain, imo. .
November 4, 2007 6:40 AM

Honorable mention goes to Schnapps, Wagga and Ogg who were each only one vote behind and tied for second.


Art credits:
Casey's self-portrait by
Casey Serin
Darth Cheney by ~AdamTD
Dubya and Cheney Do America by ~halon0ne

Household DANGERS: Guns & Computers

Household DANGERS - Guns & Computers from COMICS WITH PROBLEMS
via Ectomo's Captain Awareness: “He Raped Me… With Sexual Assault!”

What strange things do you think the kids saw when they were searching for tigers?

In other news, more on one of the bizarre Japanese spas I mentioned last month: Hakone Yunessun, a place where the whole family can bathe in wine while they drink it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bizarre Japanese Bras

The silver vinyl Voter Turnout Liftup Bra sure makes voting fun and the matching ballots skirt completes the look!

Learn about the Warmbiz Heated Bra, The Chastity Belt Bra and The Birth Rate Decline Bra among other bizarre bras here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cephalopods and Pygmies

Well, it looks like Flying Monkey Warrior is taking the lead in winning 6 Degrees of Casey Serin to Dick Cheney, but Ogg, Schnapps and Wagga are close behind. This is a close race, so don't forget to cast your vote!

Squid and Pygmies via Curios Things

via Ectomo

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Box Ignore Mode Update

Boring topic, but that is exactly why I remain in box/pile ignore mode. When left alone my piles of crap replicate among themselves hence this embarrassing realization. While I think it is far more important to vote for the 6 Degrees of Casey Serin to Dick Cheney winner, I'm posting this as a form of accountability of sorts.
The white bag is empty. I was just using it for recyclables like outdated technical books.

Perhaps this photo doesn't fully highlight the accomplishments of the day.

Found this late 19th Century Goethe "coffee table" book in the process.

Akubi suckling his favorite stuffed Pomeranian.

P.S. While I couldn't give a rat's ass what my Technorati rating is, watching the steadily dropping number reminds me of the dollar.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vote for the 6 Degrees of Casey Serin to Dick Cheney Win-win winner!

Time to vote on 6 Degrees of Casey Serin to Dick Cheney! Woohoo! Win-win! Sweet deal!

Beavis and Butthead lol by ~Leo-Leonardo-III

Here are all of the super-sweet, impressive entries for your consideration.

Ogg the Caveman said...
Woohoo! Sweet! Win-Win!
I'll put together something more thoughtful later, but murst of all I wanted to get this one out of my system:
1. Casey Serin is famous for his blue ball.
2. Balls are normally found in the company of a dick.
3. Cheney is, clearly, a Dick.
November 2, 2007 12:56 PM

Casey Serin said...
Dick Cheney first name (or nickname) is "Dick".

I, Casey Serin, am one.

How's that? :-)
November 2, 2007 3:15 PM

Edgar said...
KC is a prick
Cheney is a Dick
KC is a looser™
Dick Cheney is a boozer™
KC is an RE flopper
Dick Cheney is a corporate fascist war mongering pig slopper

I know, it sux, I'll try to do better tomorrow.
November 2, 2007 3:20 PM

Ogg the Caveman said...
1. Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face while quail hunting.
2. Former VP Dan Quayle once famously misspeeld "potato"
3. Idaho is famous for its potatoes.
4. A potato is a part of a vegan diet.
5. Casey Serin is proud of his loosely vegan diet.
November 2, 2007 5:54 PM

Ogg the Caveman said...
1. Dick Cheney was twice arrested for drunk driving in the 1960s, in Wyoming.
2. Wyoming is a popular fishing destination.
3. Koi is a kind of a fish.
4. Ogg the Caveman has 2759 unique koi.
5. Ogg the Caveman is sweet derivative blogger Akubi's number one fan.
6. Akubi has been known to blog about Casey Serin on occasion.
November 2, 2007 6:10 PM

Akubi said...
Digger's entry via CaseyHaterz:
-Dick Cheney is the vise president.
-He shot Harry Whittington (a lawer, but more importantly a real estate invester) in the face during a hunting trip to Corpus Christi Tx
-The famous Tejano singer Selena is from Corpus Christi.
-Selena rhymes with Galina-
Galina's skin crawls everytime she thinks about Casey shooting his gun!
(I'm sorry I didnt post to Akubi's sit, but I am on my work computer, and I cant seem to post overthere. I still wanted to play though
November 3, 2007 7:48 PM

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...
1. Dick Cheney brags about being called Darth Vader on the internet.
2. DarthVeder is the melodramatic villain in a Book called Star Wars which made millions when it was made into a movie
3. Dick Cheney made millions when Halliburton landed no bid contracts from the Tax Payers.
4. Casey Serin owes taxes (according to his blog), took out over a million dollars in liar NINJA loans and is now writing a book on the internet, bagging about it, which makes him a true life melodramatic villain, imo. .
November 4, 2007 6:40 AM

wagga said...
This morning I found evidence on the Internet that Dick the Prick was present and read the infamous Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) on August 6th., 2001. It's gone. There must be more. Does Halliburton have Internet access? Here is the grinning monkey's version of the briefing. As you all know, some relevant and specific advice was ignored. Shoulda used ALL CAPS!.

I understand that the 6 Degrees series is meant to be funny. But because of little dickie's & georgie's hubris, 2759 innocent people lost their lives in the World Trade Center.
November 7, 2007 4:26 PM

Schnapps said...
1. Dick Cheney used with Halliburton.
2. Halliburton gives Cheney deferred compensation.
3. Deferred compensation is a form of sweet passive income.
4. Casey has pipe dreams of sweet passive income.

Also, back in March The Donald did an interview with Wolf Blitzer, where he accused Cheney of sugarcoating conditions in Iraq. And the Donald, as we all know has ties to one Robert Kiyosaki. And Casey was once openly mocked by Kiyosaki.
November 9, 2007 6:16 PM

Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Friday Fun with a Horse

A video for "scared" by bon ami from Ze's blog.

Second video doesn't work here so click on the link below.
songs you already know: scared from Posalootly on Vimeo

Brief Breaking News UPDATE! Another poetic collection of recent search phrases:
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Red and the White Abstract Human Canvas

BREAKING NEWS FLASH! Aspeth posted for the first time in ages.

cut II by Jenni Tapanila

I recently discovered Tapanila's work and find it incredibly impressive.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dolly Dimples' Meat and Jelly Bean Games

While I was viewing The Penguin Girl via ectoplasmosis, I came across Dolly Dimples - The Dainty Fat Lady on The Human Marvels. As a child she loved playing a game with a family friend. Apparently it involved dangling bits of butchered meat in front of her. Dolly’s first word was “meat”. Another favorite game involved creating elaborate jelly bean mosaics prior to consuming them.

In her heyday the 4’11” “World’s Most Beautiful Fat Woman” weighed 555 pounds. She later lost 443 pounds by eating nothing but baby food and published the best selling Diet or Die: The Dolly Dimples Weight Reducing Plan.

Prior to the baby food regime a typical menu included the following:

4 to 8 eggs, any style
1/2 pound of bacon, or a pound or more of ham
a can of peaches mixed with a pint of cream "and lots of sugar"
a loaf or more of bread, sliced, with butter and jelly
cafe au lait made with cream instead of milk, with sugar

3 to 4 pork chops - "if they were breaded, I'd have five" - with gravy a platter of fried potatoes "including all the grease"
vegetable of choice served in a sauce of cream, sugar, salt, and pepper
a loaf or more of bread, sliced, with butter
4 pieces of peach pie with whipped cream
about 1/2 gallon of milk

one or more boxes of candy
6 or 7 bananas
cookies, apples, popcorn, etc.

most of a large roast, or one or more whole chickens, with gravy
3 or more servings of mashed potatoes. "Sometimes I would eat enough mashed potatoes to feed an entire family of ten. I would hollow out little holes, sink in the butter, and cover it all with gravy."
2 avocados in season, or mixed green salad with grated cheese and mayonnaise dressing hot biscuits with butter and honey
4 pieces of custard pie, half a cake, or 2 pounds of candy
about 1/2 gallon of milk

4 or 5 sandwiches
ice cream, or in summer "the leavings of a frozen custard machine that belonged to some friends of mine. Every night they gave me a half-gallon bucket which was filled with the extra thick and creamy custard which had settled at the bottom of the machine."

2 pieces of pie. Dolly also liked to take a box of crackers to bed each night, and munch herself to sleep.

I wonder if her jelly bean mosaics looked anything like the one...

Jelly Bean Elvis by ~RachelS

In other news, voting for 6 Degrees of Casey Serin to Dick Cheney winner is on hold until Schnapps submits her entry.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Buy Bollywood!

As a "crappy bollywood" blogger, I thought I would bring this article to your attention: Time to short Facebook, buy Bollywood.

While the story is the same throughout most of the media in India -- from newspapers to radio to pure Internet companies -- nowhere is this more the case then in the Indian film industry, better-known to many as Bollywood.

PriceWaterhouse Coopers forecasts that India is going to have the fastest growing media and entertainment industry in the world, rising at a compound growth rate of 18.5% between 2006 and 2011. The film business alone is expected to double in size during that period, to some $4.4 billion.

And what is perhaps most uniquely fascinating about the movie business in India is how popular it is domestically -- some 95% of movie tickets sold in India are to see Indian films (this despite the increasing availability of dubbed versions of popular Hollywood films and the somewhat overdue arrival of multiplex theaters offering filmgoers much greater choice.)

I wonder what's going on with the whip?

And the scissors?

Paheli YET AGAIN by Fleagirl by ~bollywoodfanclub