Monday, April 20, 2009

Moonriver Geisha

Moonriver Geisha by ~jellofishy

Drowning Geisha by ~classically-fragile

In other news: In the Grip of the Unknown

I liked the photo, but I also think there's a close connection between epilepsy and migraines - or at least the sort I get - so I found the article interesting and this quote rather funny:
On the day he sees Wheeless, he also sees a college student who has had more than 100 seizures, the most recent one last fall. It happened, she says, after taking Benadryl, an over-the-counter allergy drug that can promote seizures in susceptible patients.

Devinsky nods sympathetically. "How many?" he asks.

"Fifteen," she mumbles. "It's like Robi-tripping."

Devinsky sighs. "I hate to give you the drugs-and-alcohol lecture in front of your parents."

Who the hell takes 15 Benadryl for fun?
I can understand codeine, vicodine, etc., but Benadryl?
Kids are really messed up these days.


Kitty said...


Me Geisha...

Tea for two...



Akira said...

Hi Flowy Kitty!
So it's 4/20 today and I'm not celebrating.
I'm all for legalization, but I remember stoners I grew up with in Bolinas and such who never managed to get their act together - couldn't even bother graduating from high school, because the bus trip was too long.
Once one has a mature brain, I think it's fine for some, but kids who grow up on it are so lost.

Kitty said...

Hi Akira!!...

ummm,,, 4/20,,,legalizing,,,OK,,,

The bus ride was too long...

I am FlowyKitty! And I have a tail/tale...I love my tale.

Anonymous said...

Pom on a Harley