Sunday, April 19, 2009

O Fortuna! I lost the key to the pool!


Pool Boy said...

Dear Mr. AK/IRA,
You suck.

Kitty said...

Your arms which I kiss where they meet the breast,
your white legs which branch like vines, with the sex's amulet,
the open plain of your belly, your eyes, lips, and neck -
they are benevolence, brotherhood, the quivering revelation of truth;
they are justice, equality, the freedom to want and think;
they're the bestowal of opportunity, the work which is love.
With the raising of the knees they put tyranny, coarseness, and hatred
to shame;
they are uprightness and candor, the pride that puts nothing down;
they're the communal revealed in the personal- the desire to share;
they're the revolt against all idiocy, against all ignorance and sanctimony;
they're the pleasure of giving, of getting, of having enough;
they're the beauty that cannot be purchased with money, but only with joy;
they are what counters oppression, occupation, exploitation - they are
morality's bliss;
they are affinity, faith, the devotion that holds no fear;
the availability ofbasic needs, of education, the recognition of mutual
they are the right to strike, do nothing, demonstrate, oppose.
All that is good and worthy of humanity is here for me to see and touch,
and this, this is my politics - tender-limbed - lying in bed before me.


BikiniFlowy(V) said...

Too cold here for swimming... soon... very soon...

Anonymous said...


BikiniFlowy(V) said...

Fishy yum yum...

(((Gateau Sushi}}}