Saturday, May 4, 2013

What is this?

Google + and Nike + and Semi-NRA-plus+++ sharp sharp-----, whatever, I'm tired
Who revived me from Arizona Ice Tea or what have you bullshit on the house for the day?
Or whatever.  So tired.
Let me go hide again.

At least you can generally get a decent omelet without bullshit these days.  Progress.  40 something years for a goddamned omelet.

Happy May and Happy 2013!  Just noticed this was the first post of the year on this blog.


Akira said...

Ha ha ha!
I think I might have actually lost the job that was driving me crazy todah.
It would be so ironic though.

Akira said...

Everything looks so different out of context:

Akira said...

Where's Edgar these days?

Akira said...

Where's Kitty?

Akira said...

Gotta admit this one was hot:

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