Friday, October 9, 2009

TGI Fishnet Friday!

This is from Kitty's new blog Sweet Heat...

Happy Fishnet Friday with a mushroom! Poison kitty -- oh uh...

Some pre-Halloween fun:
ramacharaka: Little Ophelia

Fishnets erospainter's fishnets via Molekul

Only in the Reblogosphere do dogs become so political:

Hey Guyz,
My apologies for reblogging this at FuckYeahDogs.

Often I’m multitasking when reblogging and not nearly as meticulous as Tumblrs like BillyJane and… honestly dogs and nude ladies all look the same after awhile – at least when you’re following over 400 people.
I’m posting this message here because most of FuckYeahDogs’ reblog sources are followed by Akubi Zone and to avoid ongoing issues I’ll have to unfollow those of you who continually post unsourced images.
I have neither the time nor inclination to thoroughly investigate your posts.

Oh hey, this photo looks
familiar… Please don’t post fuckyeahBulldog content as your own.
It would
appear my reblog of a reblogged reblog has excited someone… I’m at a loss as to
how one should post a reblogged reblog reblog and give due credit to the
original blogger which I am to assume actually took the photograph or did they
post it from another source….i’m getting confused just reblogging the reblog of
the reblogged reblog .
The real question is who took the fucking original
ps. I did add the caption - redjeep
goodness for “edit”
redjeep, that wasn’t toward you at all!
More a
realization that it is possible and a request to avoid it, mainly because people
don’t tend include the original photographer when that happens and the artist
should get credit for their images (as you seem to agree with).
photographer can be found here :lv2stmp


Kitty said...

Waaaaaaaa... fishy get funfun around AllHallows...

!!!!::::: Murst :::::!!!!

Thanks for the featurette Akira!

Anonymous said...

Freaky Friday, wooohooo!!

Akira said...

I can't believe PJ Harvey turned 40 today.

Akira said...

I only saw her in concert once (at the Warfield a million years ago): To Bring you My Love left me feeling like a lost and confused drowning dervish of sorts. She was so intense I didn't see her again.

Kitty said...

More lovely fishies

Anonymous said...

Very nice Kitty!

Kitty said...

It's creeping up to you know what... :)

Kitty said...

It's here... it is here...

OK... stop working and start playing Edgar!

bladblebla !

Anonymous said...

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