Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hell is Other People: A War Drama


Check out Edgar's other junk.

After this, I think REM sucked.


Sartre said...

Well, of course.

Anonymous said...

Where's the fucking EXIT plan?

heatflowy said...


The exit plan is there...ok.

War is a bigsuck.ok.

War is Hell said...

Hot (non-shitty jerk who annoyed me) Safeway delivery dude called to chat and reassured me that Ogg clearly has hot ass in fishnets or something yet feels uncomfortable admitting that.
I mentioned how happy I would be if he would say as much – and he stated most women would not want to hear it. I would really like to get over ruminating over why he hates me so much.

heatflowy said...

Ogg = hanging around campfire dreaming of hunting

Ogg Hunk... bam bam... yummm...