Thursday, December 4, 2008

Groovy New Arty Blog Find

Nick Knight

In my internet wanderings I discovered today, i.e. "Daily drugs for artsy people". Nice aesthetic choices.

Clayton Cubitt.

I know I should be more mature about such things, but I was I kind of disturbed by My Beautiful Cervix when I discovered it earlier today - and I'm not easily put off by visual imagery. Worrying that my coworker may have seen a big bloody cervix on my screen may have added to my anxiety. It appears that they're now having bandwidth issues now. Who knew cervix porn could be so popular?

Hmm, now I want to try this on my dogs:
Unfortunately, I suspect Akubi might do the same thing.


NotAnOptimist said...

Murst. Is it Friday yet???

Akubi said...

Apparently Wagga has a motherload of fishy treats, yet he has yet to provide sources. I'm kind of bored of my collection, but he’s being super secret about his find. Nonetheless, I suspect he’ll send me some tomorrow (hint hint ;)),
There’s some incredible art on that blog I featured above – I’ve been meaning to post the nude underwater swimmer surfer babe on Nuclear Tentacles, but I keep getting distracted with other crap. Dogs are SO distracting.

Duck Pig Cervix Thing said...

Maybe the dog preferred Bud Light?

Duck Pig Cervix Thing said...

O NO!!!! The dog ate my cervix and sent it to Hormel!

wagga said...

Until the possible 6 multiplied by 3 issue is resolved there will be no sources.

Maybe some underwater sex, though.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't see the cervix porn pictures but I related to the text... it was cervix poetry... "Feeling - very sexual and tender" ... swinging through the cycle... I think it's the moon and the tides... the salt in our blood... the earth shifting axis...

I love cgunit... definitely druggy... I'm gonna post on my site...

Akubi said...

I find Keynes annoying yet interesting too.
I cannot even take out the trash without encountering a f-ing mathematical problem and/or some crazy old lady with a Chihuahua who I want to hang out with.
I'm always welcome to chat with the nice lady who I think may have forgotten me, but remembered when context was provided.
I've always wanted to meet David Lynch, because for whatever f-ed up reason, my life often resembles his crazy films (whenever my dogs chew pig ears I imagine they’re mine). I seem to be a magnet for “characters” per se - or elderly women who remind me of Yoda.
I wish my dogs would stop fucking each other.

Akubi said...

It must be my pre-frontal cortex!!!

Akubi said...

The Safeway Delivery Dude was in the First Gulf War, but doesn't seem to have all of the syndrome issues "my fellow prisoners" AKA coworkers suffered from. He's quite healthy. Since he grew up in Berkeley, I cannot figure out how the hell he ended up there. While I was watching nude-ins and such, he was at war.

Akubi said...

While he looks young, the Safeway Delivery Hottie has a terribly complicated life of kids and divorces I can't quite fathom.
I guess I should feel lucky that I'm not so tied down and instead have actively homosexual Pom's who are thoroughly into one another and don't require a university fund.

NotAnOptimist said...

OMGWTFBBQ, @#%#^%!$#&%!&~@#%^%!!!!!



heatflow said...

I remember seeing Lynch's Blue Velvet in Lumberton, NC where the story is set... the townspeople, all five in the theater were scandalized... so trippy... I thought the movie was exciting.

Dennis Hopper must have been in the first gulf war... nudeins are better than war...war never ends

Only a complicated life is interesting.

Akubi said...

Please confess.
I KNOW you were a Stanford girl, right?!!
Never went to a football game, because I couldn't give a rat's ass about the silly spectacle.
I was semi-jealous of the Stanford kids who had parents who were interested in spending so much money towards their future.

NotAnOptimist said...

Dear Akubi,
I bleed Cardinal red. I am also a pampered, spoiled, ungrateful brat. I know.

Akubi said...

I knew it!

I recently learned that Dennis Hopper was a Repug and found it fitting.

This is f-ing hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Fishnet Friday!

Anonymous said...

Akubi is getting to know the safeway delivery guy. We need a name, how about "hot stuff"? HS 4 short.

Teh dog & the cans, our cat wouldn't rest until they were all knocked over.

Teh dog that saved the other dog is so dad gum smart, they need to find a good home 4 that one.

NotAnOptimist said...

If I go crazy then would you still call me Superman?

I'm just a girl in a silly red sheet, I'm just a girl looking for a dream.

Akubi said...

Teh dog that saved the other dog is so dad gum smart, they need to find a good home 4 that one.
I know! A cynical part of me can't help but wonder if it was staged...

You can't go insane. It's fishnet Friday! A new post is on the way. Plus Wagga sent me some fishies I'm still downloading. I'll probably post them on Nuclear Tentacles.