Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hero Remembers that Vista Sucks!

I felt slightly depressed when I saw a tired old Bowie singing this (above). I find the Hedge Fund Master look deplorable.
Being married to a supermodel and wearing expensive suits can do it to you.
I much, much, much prefer the version above.
Hey, when did I last say everyone was an asshole? Just had to get that one out of my system before Akubi farted.


Nietzsche with a K Factor said...

Life is an endless series of diappointments yet I suspect the point of the game is to survive.

Speed Hero said...

Yes, I'm stating the obvious.
After doing a speed ball everyone feels like a hero.
I think everyone should get a free shot of pure heroin and speed to help them get by. They repealed prohibition some-odd years ago today.

AKUBI said...

i once had a boyfriend who abandoned me, but he's comfortable with that.
I magine him fucking some overweight chick at work who has NO sense of style AND went to FRESNO STATE OR Some other terrible instituyion.

heatflowy said...

Love = speed

Bowie is heatflowy

fake orange tans/fatties

NotAnOptimist said...

I once wrote a paper that "proved" life is meaningless. It was awesome.

Good morning!

Edgar Alpo said...
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edgar said...

I can't take speed anymore, hell, I can hardly tolerated caffeinated coffee. Live hard, die young. Unfortunately you can do the first to full effect without necessarily reaping the second. Best laid plans and all that... Alas.

Edgar Alpo said...

I was on wordpress and hit "visit random blog". You think you're depressed? This person had an entire suicide - self hurt network. Man, alot people are wanting out of this f@cked up world.

NotAnOptimist said...

Hi Edgar,
Thanks for the link to the blog. Sounds like the author is going through a pretty rough time. Do you need to have a wordpress account in order to post a comment?

"Suicide-self hurt network"? What do you mean?

Akira said...

Ummm, I have no idea who "AKUBI" is. Seriously. This place is going slightly insane these days.

What class was that?

Yeah, I can barely handle coffee these days either. I'm paranoid enough without any help.

Akira said...

That is a really sad blog. Thankfully, I'm not nearly that depressed. Sounds like a lot of people are having trouble sleeping these days. She(?) sort of reminds me of myself as a teenager though.
Since then I've learned that I need to hit a gloomy bottom to see beyond it.
I walked my dogs several miles today and we're all slightly exhausted yet happy. I'm really pleased with the new double dog leash I got.
Dogs can be the BFF anyone can have. I think Fading Star might need a dog.

heatflowy said...

I used to walk my dogs up mountains and over fields... now they are just happy to walk half mile then crash... happy happy dogs...

NotAnOptimist said...

It was a philosophy class, focused on mortality.

As blogs go, that one doesn't seem sad to me. Just true.

Edgar Alpo said...


I read 3 blog posts and some of the comments. It appears like they have a bit of a support group going. Several years ago when the Japanese suicide craze first got going I was reading a bunch of suicide forums / blogs. That one could have been worse because it sounds like they are attempting to talk / through some of the problems. Some other blogs I've read go along the lines of what is the best method / would anyone want to meet me for that purpose type. Funny, you thought s/he was a woman, I was thinking maybe a man, I really don't know. IMO the best therapy may be what s/he is doing, s/he has a very good understanding of what is happening to him / her. I wish them all happiness either way it goes.

NotAnOptimist said...

FadingStar86 blog author is female; says so in the "An Introduction of Sorts" section (top of page).

Just read her most recent post; this one deserves a comment. Blimey, it's unreal how close to home that hits.