Monday, August 31, 2009

Leave me alone

ryoichi yamazaki
The children here are patients with a Japanese culture-specific syndrome called “Culture-bound syndrome”, the symptoms of which include a fear of people (Taijin-kyoufusho) and eating disorder.

In other news, Santa F. Clause has provided another varation on the Banking Queen...

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the sex issue.
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Also via Akuzi Zone, a brilliant poet in the making...
My back hurts and I have to study for a biology test. Basicly this day was going great until break comes and then I’m on the floor. Or maybe it was lunch.

I hate lunch. Lunch is stupid. I hate the people I sit with at lunch. They are stupid. I hate that I continually sit with them at lunch when I can find better people to sit with at lunch. I wish that people would just listen to people, and not wait till it’s too late. I’m not too late, but I still want someone to talk to me and care about my problems. Someone who could just know that something’s wrong and help. I wish that I wasn’t so quiet. I wish I had something to say. It is absolutely ridiculous that I haven’t found a group of friends to hang out with yet. I hate high school. I hate being timid. I hate being tired. I hate not being able to concentrate. And I hate not knowing what to wear in the morning.

I hate the fact that I have to get organized for tommorrow morning. I hate that I looked bad today. I hate that I can’t get my hair to look good anymore. I hate that I can’t apply makeup in an attractive way anymore. I hate that I have to walk home by myself everyday. I hate that I have a biology quiz on Wednesday. I hate that my friend broke her ankle. I hate that I have terrible posture. I hate that I’m not friendly. I hate that I’m not happy. I hate that I’m not welcoming. I hate that I’m introverted. I hate that I care too much. I hate that my parents liked me better when I was younger. I hate that they don’t like me now. I hate that I can be a bitch. I hate that this year is going by so slowly. I hate that I regret what I say sometimes. I hate that I like this guy in my last class. I hate that I am a freshmen. I hate that I didn’t sit next to this girl at lunch. I hate my bad breath. I hate that I am unattractive.

I hate that I hate so much.
I hate my sweaty hands. I hate my flat bangs. I hate my ugly hair. I hate my aching back. I hate missing middle school. I hate that this year doesn’t go by quicker. I hate that last year was better. I hate that last summer kind of sucked. I hate that I’m unhappy. I love that you read this.
I like your rant. I cannot imagine any hell worse than being your age again… If you liked it, there would have to be something seriously wrong with you.


MaryJo said...

I never had a FIRST post because I was killed before there ever was an Internet. So this is my LAST post.

Akira said...

I'm so sorry MaryJo!

Kitty said...

MaryJo I'm sorry that you're gone but you missed a really trippy run... 70's, 80's, 90's... decades of Disneyland... everything Supersized...

But we're shrinking now... rightsizing. Hummers, McMansions, shopping passe... imagine.

Ol Teddy --- an icon of the old order. A punctuation point in history. Yup. He's done.

Akira said...

Hi Kitty,
Did you see cupcakedonutmuffin's rant I reblogged here and over at AZ?
She's a natural poet!

Kitty said...

Hi Akira!

I think we should just push her off a cliff and end her misery... that or get a never-ending script for happypills.

She would surely benefit from a garden and a puppy too.

She is a walking disaster.

Kitty said...

Actually her nom de plume is probably an underlying cause of her fat ass negativity. Sugarsugarsugar///

I'm in a punchy mood eh?

Mitchell said...

Weird dog fact of the day (I'm speechless over this one): Maria Rasputin (daughter of the Rasputin), later in life, had two dogs, Youssou and Pov, which were named after the Russian noble who led the conspiracy to murder her father, Felix Yusupov. !!

edgar said...

I H8 a lot of stuff 2.

MaryJo, How's it hanging in purgatory?

Hi Kitty!

Akubi said...

Hi Kitty,
Well, she certainly brings back horrible memories of being a freshman in high school.

Hi Mitchell,
Interesting dog find. I wonder if there's a picture available somewhere...

Hi Edgar,
We know you do!