Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Fishnet Friday!

Fishnets by ~domalon
This morning I'm enjoying a quite refreshing Lupicia grapefruit green tea.


NotAnOptimist said...

Murst! TGIF, indeed.

Akubi said...

Second murst in a row!

In other news, I thought this duplex going for 549K looked familiar. When I Zillowed it, I realized it was because I remember hen it was last on the market 2 years ago and sold for 760K. Someone lost some $$$

Anonymous said...

Happy FN Friday akubi!

Anonymous said...

Akubi, have you seen the child prodigy guitar player over @ weaseldog's blog? Nice.

Akubi said...

Hi edgar alpo!
I'll check out the child prodigy videos when I'm home from work.