Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tea Party

Tea Party III by ~xmansonx

Not exactly the sort of tea party I had in mind, but the combination of tea, fishnets, guns and cats in this image was compelling (see I'm not an arugula loving, elitist SF Bay Area snob!).

Anyway, I returned to this incredible tea shop in Chinatown today and was reminded once again of how impressive their tea is. Yes, I spent far more money on it than I would prefer, but tea lasts – especially Blest Tea. I’m still enjoying a bag I bought over 6 months ago. They haven’t been around much longer than that, but finally have a “web site”:
I highly recommend the Honey Green and Milk Oolong.

This afternoon I was happy to discover my tea fortune was Buddha.
Society's Punch_02 by ~caspash13lds


Ogg the Caveman said...


Sounds like a very nice place ;)

wagga said...

The contents of the left dish resemble something entirely different.

Buzz Saw said...

I hope she doesn't blast the kitty.

Akubi said...

The contents of the left dish resemble something entirely different.

Deer shit?

Tanuki had a doggy collision at the dog park today. I wish I had it on video so I could upload it on YouTube. While Tanuki was fetching a tennis ball I threw, a much bigger dog was doing the same in another direction and they collided in the process. A high speed doggy crash! Tanuki spun around several times and didn't seem to know what hit him while the big dog kept charging ahead in search of his ball. It was hilarious! Although Tanuki is a small dog, he’s a lot tougher than he looks (see swimming photo at the bottom of the blog) so I wasn't terribly concerned about any serious injury.
Happy 420 Day!

wagga said...

'Kubes a bud - just not that kind of of bud.