Friday, April 25, 2008

Pierre's New Wetsuit

Balding penguin's wetsuit lets him swim again
Pierre's bare tush had kept him shivering on the sidelines as peers played

Hat tip to Wagga for this find!

In other news, I just happened to come across this interesting poster by Perdita Corleone.


Akubi said...

"This is going to be one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression," said Stiglitz.

Anonymous said...

I saw Pierre on the television ::MURST!::

Anonymous said...

Did you see this?

Akubi said...

I'm not surprised.
While I was checking it out over a the LA Times I found these Nepalese dog signs. They're quite cute!

Akubi said...

And I can commission my own dog signs for Akubi and Tanuki!

Akubi said...

Watch Pierre here.

wagga said...

Chinese-proof dog?

1) Worthless fur! Even J Lo...
2) Lethal.

wagga said...

On a totally-different subject:

I have some very expensive knives that had not been sharpened professionally for a decade (or two).

I searched around for a sharpening service & blundered into a neat deal from Sur La Table.

I took in a 12" chefs, a 10" slicer & a 4" paring knife. They sharpened the first 2 for free & the parer was $4.

Excellent results. When I pick up the slicer, the tomatoes hide as far back in the fridge as they can get.

I promise - No diced doggie or feline fillets.

Disclaimer - I have no commercial interest in the company - a Seattle-based chain with premium product, good management & reasonable pricing. Clearly not M$ or $B.

Akubi said...

Not much of a cook, but like Swiss Army Knives.
Watching Check Please Bay Area while awaiting Reverend Wright on PBS.
J Lo sux.

Bertram said...

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