Thursday, March 27, 2008

And the 6 Degrees of Casey to Ashley Alexandra Dupre Winner is...

Mitchell (despite the fact that Casey Serin AKA Benoit has been stuffing the ballot box)!

Woohoo! Win-win! Excellent entry!

Mitchell said...

1) Casey finally sold IAFF in the third quarter of 2007.

2) Google's revenues for that quarter were US$4.23 billion.

3) When I checked just now (9pm Pacific standard time, March 15 2008), US$4.23 was roughly equal to 100 Russian rubles.

4) Shostakovich once won a 100-ruble bet that he couldn't arrange the Broadway hit "Tea for Two" for the orchestra.

5) The music for "Tea for Two" was composed by Vincent Youmans.

6) Ashley was born Ashley Youmans.
March 15, 2008 8:55 PM

P.S. Nothing wrong with stuffing the ballot box as it seems to be the American way!


Mitchell said...


I thank you for this expression of confidence and support. It is an honor to hold this office, and I shall strive to uphold its dignity at all times, mindful of the example set by those who came before me.

At a time when skepticism about the very idea of democracy has been voiced in some quarters, we can say to the world: Look here! Look now! The system works. It may be a bumpy ride sometimes. It may not always make us happy. But it gets the job done.

I would like to thank my opponents for their efforts. I also thank Ms Akubi for her work as osberver and scrutineer. I want my victory to unite us, not divide us, and so let us remember that whatever our differences, we were brought together by one man. Whatever challenges, whatever uncertainties the future may bring, always remember in your heart of hearts: it's all good!

Ogg the Caveman said...

Congrats, Mitchell.


Buzz Saw said...

mitchell for prez!

Akubi said...

Mitchell 2008! Woohoo!

Akubi said...

OT, but I thought this was interesting:
When military forces loyal to Gen. Augusto Pinochet staged a coup here in September 1973, they made a surprising discovery. Salvador Allende’s Socialist government had quietly embarked on a novel experiment to manage Chile’s economy using a clunky mainframe computer and a network of telex machines.

The project, called Cybersyn, was the brainchild of A. Stafford Beer, a visionary Briton who employed his “cybernetic” concepts to help Mr. Allende find an alternative to the planned economies of Cuba and the Soviet Union. After the coup it became the subject of intense military scrutiny.

Mitchell said...

When I was growing up there was an odd little book by Stafford Beer in the municipal library, "Platform for Change", a collection of speeches about his experiment in Chile. You can get a glimpse of the prose-poetry style from the Amazon preview, though that edition hasn't preserved the bright color-coding of the original.

I came to the office this morning ready to delete my little piece of faux oratory. Maybe I should do a contrite resignation speech, apologizing for having dashed all your hopes, just to round things out. Though it would be more Mal Meninga than Eliot Spitzer.

Akubi said...

That looks like an interesting book, but it looks to expensive to find in my local library.
Why delete the faux oratory? You could be McCain's speech writer.

Casey Serin said...

despite the fact that Casey Serin AKA Benoit has been stuffing the ballot box
I only rigged the election so that I'd win 2nd place. heh. But you caught me -- I guess I'm as skilled at ballot stuffing as I am at committing mortgage fraud! :)