Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby seal slaughter begins in less than 2 days

Who could possibly purchase fur clothing made out of these little guys killed so brutally?
Often they are skinned before they are dead despite what the Canadian government says.

Do you want to support thugs like this? If not, sign the pledge.

The seal hunt survives only because of subsidies doled out to the sealing industry by the government of Canada. It has become a glorified welfare scheme where in return for killing seals for a few weeks the sealers can qualify for unemployment insurance for the rest of the year.

“They say it’s part of their culture,” said Captain Watson, president and founder of Sea Shepherd who himself grew up in an Eastern fishing village in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. “It’s a culture based on the cruel clubbing of baby seals for a few weeks each year and drinking Canadian Club and beer the rest of the year. It’s a culture that any Maritimer with half a brain abandoned generations ago.”

It looks like this skinhead asshole spends a lot of time on his ass drinking beer.
Boycott Canada.


Anonymous said...



Boycott Gucci said...

Gucci makes seal fur boots.

Akubi said...

"The seal hunt is the largest slaughter of mammals on earth and it's happening in Canada. Moreover, the government is actively promoting it and defending," said Rebecca Aldworth, director of Canadian wildlife issues for the organization.

wagga said...

As I write this, I have one of my mogs on my lap. Granted, a cat is less-endangered than a harp seal, and the mog's affection balances the predatory nature to some extent.

That said, if some thug came into my house to club my cats to death, he would face - oh - "failure to reproduce due to a baseball bat", if not the consequences of my trusty handgun...

And if you need to skin an animal to make protective clothing, there is always GoreTex.

Akubi said...

The worst part is that this has nothing to do with with "protective clothing" or anything noteworthy...It is to do with brain dead fashionistas in parts of Europe and Asia (and stupid Canadians that support this insanity).
Apparently the Chinese have a thing for seal penis too. WTF?

Ogg the Caveman said...

Hillary's other fabrication