Monday, March 3, 2008

Rotten butter thrown at whaling ship

TOKYO, Japan (CNN) -- Anti-whaling protesters hurled containers of butyric acid at a Japanese whaling ship in Antarctic waters, injuring four crew members, a Japanese official said Monday.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society acknowledged the Sunday incident, saying it had lobbed more than two dozen bottles of rotten butter at the Nisshin Maru, "sending a stench throughout the whale killing ship that will remain for days."

Butyric acid is found in rotten butter.

The Sea Shepherd boat had to move a half-mile away from the whaling ship because "it stinks too bad to remain any closer," activist Todd Emko of New York said in a statement from the group.
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Whale and Squid by *evilhomer145

Wagga also sent this amusing animation.


Ogg the Caveman said...

I sympathize with the protestors' aims, but I also think they're... what's the genteel term? Oh yes. Fucking idiots. They've been consistently escalating the situation, and it's going to come back to bite them. Beteween boarding the whaling ship without permission (an act of piracy) and injuring crew members in this latest incident, they're doing a pretty good job of building a justification defense for when the whalers finally decide they've had enough and fight back.

If these guys are willing to die trying to stop the whalers, that's their business. But it would be a much greater moral victory if they didn't set things up for the whalers to claim that they had it coming.

Prediction: Somebody gets killed before this is over, and nobody goes to jail for it.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Oh, and Murst!

Akubi said...

No comment on the whale with the giant squid?

Buzz Saw said...

No comment on the whale with the giant squid?

Is that real?

That butter stuff must really smell bad if they can smell it from a half mile away.

wagga said...

Correct answer here is for for Australia to invite the US Navy Down Under to test the sonar that the courts won't allow here.

Submarine? What submarine?