Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm sorry, but Octomommy never ceases to Disgust me.

Octuplets' Mom Receiving Public Assistance

Given the number of Australians (or people who live in Australia) around here, I thought others might appreciate this Australian Octo-perspective I posted at Flowing Heat's place earlier today:
NADYA Suleman must be a closet Monty Python fan.
Searching for the meaning of life, the mother of 14 children - including octuplets - turned to the film of the same name, with its rousing theme song:
Every sperm is sacred...

Nadya Suleman's retired mom has filed bankruptcy, been foreclosed on and takes care of her six previous IVF kids while her Dad is forced to return to Iraq, yet she somehow manages to afford repeated IVF in Beverly Hills, a Michael Jackson nose job, a wannabe Angelina Jolie fish-lip job, French manicure and god knows what else (courtesy of milking the state and federal government)..?
And she hasn't worked in 8 f-ing years!!!! WTF?

This sick woman is a shining example of
That is Just
So Fucking Wrong these days
I wish I could keep my eyes off the train wreck, because it annoys me so much, but I can't.

In other news that pisses me off Canada continues their pointless slaughter of seal pups.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

So who is the father/sperm donor for the spawn of this walking womb? I've read it was all from the same jizz artiste. One brood mare, one stud. If it ever comes out, I'll bet it's something sick, like her father was the donor, or the IVF doctor.

Or wait -- maybe it was Edgar! That's why he had to go underground...

wagga said...

At least they can't make a movie - "Octopussy" is already taken.

OctoFlowy(V) said...

Hi Bukko...

I heard at the nail salon that Edgar could be the father of all the OctoSpawn... all the women were saying he is a stud but sooo irresponsible... and that he likes Angelina lips... he can't help himself... and that she is a slut and very stupid...

Akira said...

So Edgar is the mysterious David Solomon!
Some conspiracy theorists thought the donor might be Saddam Hussein, but I prefer your Edgar theory.

Technically "pussy" wasn’t involved so wouldn’t "Octowomby" be more accurate?

Who would ever have known Edgar was a fan of big, fat fish lips and long fake nails! No wonder he went underground!

BTW via a HuffPo commenter I found this blog that is currently compiling everything you never wanted to know about OctoWomby..

Akira said...

Kaiser Permanente Hospital in suburban Bellflower has asked California's health plan for the poor to cover the cost for the eight premature infants in its care, according to multiple sources familiar with the case.
No wonder this state is broke!

OctoHaterz said...

It seems Democrats and Republicans can agree on something at least.

wagga said...

Anybody wish that the talent at CaseyPedia would gin up OctoMommyPedia? Soon!

OctoFlowy(V) said...

From the Denver Post article cited by Akira:

"Suleman, who lives with her mother in a three-bedroom home, acknowledged in the NBC interview that she was struggling to support her six children before the birth of her octuplets. But she said she knows she will be able to pay their bills, especially after she earns her master's degree in counseling."

This whole thing is the richest story I've heard in a long time... a new genre... "American absurdity"!

And the IVF doctor... a useless quack... I'm sure she paid nothing for the egg placement... the quacko was hoping for publicity and he got it!

Quackos are taking over America!

Akira said...

OctoWomby really needs to start a blog first. As I mentioned a week or so ago, she'd easily have more Haterz than Casey.
As I find in comments on HuffPo, SFGate, NYT, etc., there are so, SO many of them it gets repetitive. She has really hit a nerve!

If Kaiser gets away with passing the buck on this disaster to the bankrupt California govt I'll be Sooo pissed. Obviously OctoFishlips won't bring anything to the table, so the IVF Dr. should pay for everything.
And yeah a master's degree in counseling will certainly pay the bills. Yeah.
The woman is 33 years old and still hasn't finished her master's at some crappy institution while not working for 8 years and being subsidized by her parents and the state and federal govt...? WTFF?

Akubi said...

Quackos are taking over America!
Like The Day of the Locust

OctoFlowy(V) said...

OctoFishLips... yes... her lips verge on the obscene...

Kinda like Donatella Versace... (plastic surgery gone WILD!)

What about this story Bukko?

THIEVES used acetylene gas to cause explosions at four different ATMs across Sydney early today over two hours - and a passer-by was threatened with a firearm.

OctoFlowy(V) said...

Fell in love with Faye Greener

Akubi said...

I thought this koala story was cute.

Akubi said...

Thanks to watching this re-run as a kid, Karen Black has always freaked me out.
BTW, why did Burgess Meredith always show up?

OctoFlowy(V) said...

Oh... I think Karen Black is mannish looking...

"Fell in love with Faye Greener"

I didn't picture Faye looking like Karen Black...

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Re: those blown-up ATMs in Sydney, OctoFlowy, it seems brilliant criminal minds think alike in several cities.

Akubi said...

Yeah, maybe the mannish look makes her scary.

What a bunch of losers. If I had to catch that train to work, I'd be way more pissed off about that then the ATM explosions. Plus I would assume addressing the rail station fiasco will cost the taxpayers...
I was about to say "if Australia is anything like America" - but taxpayers now pay a hell of a lot more for banks than commuter rail these days.