Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Andy Warhol, Debbie Harry and an Amiga

Yet another link I saved and nearly forgot about:
Long before there were Steve Job’s flashy Mac World technology summits, prehistoric computer rival AMIGA staged a 1985 publicity event in which ANDY WARHOL created his first computer-generated portrait using a then wildly-futuristic digital camera and the Amiga’s pioneering graphic filters. Fittingly, the portrait subject was DEBBIE HARRY and the results weren’t too far off from his off-register silkscreen prints. From the looks of things, Andy was pretty satisfied with the results. In the end, however, Apple won the space race, as Andy never made the Amiga logo into an art piece…

we love you Debbie Harry!!

"Die young, Stay pretty."

Ain't Debbie Harry gorgeous?!

Every Punk boy's pin-up

punkmate of the month

Friedrich was born in the Swedish Pomeranian town of Greifswald, where he began his studies in art as a youth. Later, he studied in Copenhagen until 1798, before settling in Dresden. Friedrich's work brought him renown early in his career, and contemporaries such as the French sculptor David d'Angers (1788–1856) spoke of him as a man who had discovered "the tragedy of landscape". However, his work fell from favour during his later years, and he died in obscurity. By the 1920s his paintings had been discovered by the Expressionists, and in the 1930s and early 1940s Surrealists and Existentialists frequently drew ideas from his work.


kuato said...


squint mccoy said...

she looks like blondie

edgar alpo said...

hi akira!!

Akira said...
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Akira said...

The horror of writing you're rather than your made me delete the last comment...

@Edgar, Kuato, Squint,
Could you please reference your latest blog base so you can be found.

Need to sign off to soak my bad shoulder after throwing tons of balls for my insane, stir-crazy, hyperactive Tanuki.

Amiga Note said...

Antidepressants May Thwart Quest for True Love.
Reality check anyone?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I want more dopamine in Kaiser-prescribed pills!

MidweekFlowy(V) said...

Hi Akira...

Andy Warhol sure made nice Amiga art... pretty, pretty Debbie in the sparkly dress...

Hi Edgar... did you ever get your EPoe stamps?

w said...

I remember falling in love with an Amiga 500 in 9th grade. My dad bought it for me and took my PC in exchange. Just one 3.5" drive and no hard drive but it was incredible. I remember seeing the demo for the game Beast running on it in the store. Truly amazing for it's time.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Was she wearing pants in that one pic? I looked at the Flickr, but the issue is still not totally clear. If not, then there's another idea that Britney stole from someone else.

kuato said...

Hi Akira!

[this is me]

My last post is fussy @ the preznit, so reader beware. I don't mind Obama's insance budget, or his renewed assault weapons sales ban, or his wanting to do health care and education but I sure H8 the ten trillion dollar bankster bailout and the wars. I was ripped off at the polls, there was no anti-war candidate on the ballot in the general election.

Anyway, sorry I missed you on Ash Wednesday, boy, Biden looked like a doofus with that smudge on his forehead all day though. LOLLOLLOLLOL LULZ

wagga said...

Shreve speaks out on octomom & the chimanzee attack.

In each case, here’s one super-hyped media spitwad example of something gone terribly wrong at the hands of an individual who has proven to have made a series of very questionable decisions. This is what gets the focus? What about the countless sane, responsible people doing things quietly, doing things well? Why don’t we focus on them, and learn from them? That’s what I prefer to do.

What would kc do?

Testing Edgar's Blog Comment Issues said...

Vikram was funny, but I was pretty pissed off about this today: Obama administration backs telecom immunity

Akira said...

No wonder she doesn't allow comments any longer!

Adopting a chimp is like adopting a retarded kid who could beat the shit out of you when they reach an accelerated 200 lbs post-puberty - kinda like the previous admin.

Snakes (yeah, well someone needs to support them before they end up on one of Sarah Jessica Parker's shoes)

Fishy said...

If you're looking for roe, find a nice big FAT crabby fishy and throw OctoMom to the sharks.

Akira said...

Hi Flowy,
Speaking of sparkly flowy stuff, presumably you've checked out this amusingly entertaining Flickr comment thread about Swiss Army Knives...
I haven't bothered to check out why "hate" was changed to "anger" - but theorize he's a sparkle Buddhist in Philly or something or other.

Anonymous said...

Heaven would be swimming with dogs and dolphins in a giant library and floating about on the sea with tea.

Akubi said...

It reminds me of the sort of post-Prop-13 crap they had in our supposedly stellar public school computer lab.
If you need to hire Warhol and Harry to market your POS product, maybe there’s something wrong with it.

I believe it was Photoshopped. She had more class than that.

w said...

Akubi, The Commodor Amiga was technically way more powerful and efficient than PCs of the same era. Better video and sound. It had command line and point and click interface that could run at the same time. It was used for animation and video. You didn't need to even have a hard drive.

School computer labs should have been buying Amigas instead of PCs and Macs. But alas, the cheap and very powerful machine that had a better interface lost the race.

Probably because school administrators were impressed by the sweet spreadsheet programs on the PC and Mac. Who cares that if a kid saw an Amiga they would be enthralled with it and they could have been creative with it.