Monday, February 2, 2009

Where is Edgar?

His toilet wants to know!
via bathing in gasoline
school girl on toilet

Unrelated Said the Gramophone mp3: Xylos - "This House We Built".

i guess i'm floating [MP3] Heartless Bastards - The Mountain


Anonymous said...

Where is Flying Monkey Warrior?

Akira said...

Hot Safeway Delivery Guy had a run-in with some illegals who continued their Superbowl party long after the game was over last night; he was annoyed because he has two kids who needed to get to school early in the morning so he called the cops and they didn't do anything - after they left some asshat illegal said he was going to kill him, so he called the cops again and the non-English speaking dudes who were supposed to have left still hadn't, but nothing was done. He wants to get a gun.
I've suggested other tactics.

originalFlowy(V) said...

That is a pretty little blonde girl...

!!!!!! MEMEMURST !!!!

Akira >> spike their toilet paper with cayenne pepper... then listen for some fun! (I learned this trick on a sailing trip once... a friend picked up some ajax wipes he thought they were baby wipes... you could here the pain across the sound::::::: hehehe)

Anonymous said...

What the fuck was he thinking!!! I bet our friends in Blue made sure the complaint wasn't anonymous, i.e., "kill two birds with one stone" or at least, "make more work."

Akira said...

@Anon 1,
Yeah, where is FMW?

Pretty? That's me as an angst-ridden little kid. Some expressions never change.
The toilet paper idea does sound fun!

@Anon 2,
Well, he had asked them to keep it down several times before calling the cops so it was easy enough to put two and two together. I guess the Boomers and barbequers around here aren't so bad after all.

In other news, I hope I'm not getting sick. It could have been car exhaust when I was walking along the highway on my way home, but I've been wheezing and coughing all evening. If anyone happens to see me or Akubi posting/commenting after 10 tonight, please tell us to sign off and get some rest.

Confused said...

I was just deleting my junk mail and received a special, uplifting message from Amex: "You're Gold Now." Ummm, maybe I missed something, but isn't platinum better than gold?
All of the credit card companies have lost their minds.

NurseFlowy(V) said...

Hello Akira...

Nurse Flowy will come over and give you sleeping medicine...

Hopey you sleepyfeel better...

Fishnet dreams.