Sunday, March 15, 2009

Od' und leer das Meer.

Od' und leer das Meer.
Define Irony?

Beware the ides of March.

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

Ganga was sunken, and the limp leaves
Waited for rain, while the black clouds
Gathered far distant, over Himavant.
The jungle crouched, humped in silence.
Then spoke the thunder
Datta: what have we given?
My friend, blood shaking my heart
The awful daring of a moment's surrender
Which an age of prudence can never retract
By this, and this only, we have existed
Which is not to be found in our obituaries
Or in memories draped by the beneficent spider
Or under seals broken by the lean solicitor
In our empty rooms
Dayadhvam: I have heard the key
Turn in the door once and turn once only
We think of the key, each in his prison
Thinking of the key, each confirms a prison
Only at nightfall, aetherial rumours
Revive for a moment a broken Coriolanus
Damyata: The boat responded
Gaily, to the hand expert with sail and oar
The sea was calm, your heart would have responded
Gaily, when invited, beating obedient
To controlling hands

I sat upon the shore
Fishing, with the arid plain behind me
Shall I at least set my lands in order?

London Bridge is falling down falling down falling down

Poi s'ascose nel foco che gli affina
Quando fiam ceu chelidon—O swallow swallow
Le Prince d'Aquitaine à la tour abolie
These fragments I have shored against my ruin
Why then Ile fit you. Hieronymo's mad againe.

Kwan-Yin by `Kaotika


NotAnOptimist said...

Murst? Hope you're all doing well.

Akubi said...

Nice to hear from you!

So said...

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen on a blog...

SoSmallFlowy(V) said...

Try again...

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen on a blog...

SoSmallFlowy(V) said...

I just have to say it one more time...

I don't understand this entirely... but I love it and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen on a blog...

kuato said...

kuato kuato man. i hope u r ok akubi.

Akubi said...

Hi Guys!
I'm fine - just been worrying about others and my screwed up highlights.

SoSmallFlowy(V) said...

Hi Akubi...

Is that Orphelia floating on the river?

Akira said...

The Intertubz are filled with Ophelias everywhere!

SoSmallFlowy(V) said...

On the calm black water where the stars are sleeping

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