Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Flippy Fishnet Friday!

NSFW Fishnet Flip via The Money Shot Blog 2.0 as is the following video presentation:

More fishnets to come!

UPDATE: I suspect the Blogger police will block this one as they did Nietzsche Koi, Zillow Book and Zillowed if I post any of these images of Katya via that pomo blog mentioned above.

Hat tip to Ogg for this find:

SFW Halloween fishnets via Sexy Witch:


Centipede said...

Murst to revere it all!
More fishnets!

senor segundo said...

has edgar been out golfing all day? wtf?

Centipede said...

Yes, WTF is up with Edgar? Clearly, he is not in the cool crowd ;).

Ogg the Caveman said...

He's probably trying to figure out that video, like I am. Other than the references to Berneke, what does it have to do with the current situation?

Akubi said...

I assumed it had something to do with The Clockwork Orange or something along those lines.

edgar said...

I'm a furious magician too. :D

Akubi said...

Hi Edgar,
I'm too furious to bother with KC's latest TalkCast/KoiCast or whatever it's f-ing called these days.

Akubi said...

God, McCain is such a moron these days.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Wow. I feel much better about my poor housekeeping after seeing this.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Wow. I feel much better about my poor housekeeping after seeing this.

Akubi said...

More positive news in the wasteland of bad news:
I received a letter from Friends of the Oakland Animal Shelter and Little Lance is doing quite well. There's a video on his blog.

NotAnOptimist said...

omg sometimes my mom drives me up the effing wall. it's enough to make a girl either move out or kill herself.

Akubi said...

Hi NotAnOptimist,
I love my mom, but she occasionally drives me crazy too.

She and my stepdad checked out this Arts & Crafts era house with a pool (and koi pond) I adore but cannot afford earlier this week.
While I was eating brunch she called to inform me that I should attend the open house tomorrow.
"Mom, there is no way in hell I could afford an 800K house these days."
Yadda, yadda, yadda.
Discussed the current fiscal meltdown and she responded:
"I figured you were stressing about that all week."

Dolph said...


You aren't alone. My mom is oblivious to this mess, my wife's parents are screaming great depression part 2 and my wife is not as phased as I am by this unprecedented handover of power to Paulson.

We can't let the system fall apart, but what good does it do any of us to hand the keys over to the people who CAUSED this mess?

Akubi said...

Hi Dolph,
Thankfully the koi pond Arts & Crafts house is in firm escrow now so I don’t feel obliged to attend the open house as I promised my mom yesterday.
I’ve always been far more fiscally conservative than my mom. She just f-ing retired and isn’t particularly phased that her ROTH lost over 100K this week. “Oh, that’s just slush money for the long term.” I don’t get it.
The only plus I can see in this disaster is that the execs at the newly government-owned companies will get government salaries (I hope).

Lab Dog™ said...

Wall Streeters may not like these conditions. Well, you should tell them that the public doesn’t like the idea of bailing out Wall Street. So if Wall Street doesn’t accept these conditions, it doesn’t get the blank check.
Wall Street cam shove it up their bunghole!

Tanta for President! said...

What I really really like is the idea of subjecting CEOs to the same petty humiliation everyone else gets treated to. I suggest that for every separate asset these CEOs sell to the government, they be required to write a Hardship Letter over a 1010 warning (that's a reference to the statute forbidding lying in order to get a loan) explaining why they acquired or originated this asset to begin with, what's really wrong with it in detail, what they have learned from this experience, and what steps they are taking to make sure it never happens again.

Akubi said...

I should return to the depressing book I'm reading and therefore not focus on the pathetic reality of it all, but I had to check this feed and essentially agree with all of the comments. I am so furious, I could probably give myself a f-ing aneurism.

Akubi said...

I cannot believe how *unethical* Paulson and the Bush Admin (of destroying this country) has been and should just f-ing sign off – if it isn’t an aneurism or stroke, it could be a heart attack I could create for myself – and then who would take care of my crazy dogs (and cat)?
On “Fox News Sunday,” Paulson told Chris Wallace that he would resist the Democrats' desired limits on executive compensation.

Akubi said...

George Stephanopoulos sucks too.
I HATE politicians!

Edgar Alpo said...

from pplpad:

@akubi wrote: I ask because you seemed to know when Edgar's Toilet was crossing the line - I lack the proper judgment.

I'm baffled. I don't know what you mean. Are u being serious, or just busting my ballz? The latest thing w/ egdar's toilet that I did was blowback from the flame war w/ I get in that mode and it's take no prisoners time. I make no moral judgement on the material content of any of your blogs. I was originally concerned that people I know might get the wrong idea about me, then I didn't care what they thought about me, then came the flame wars. My apologies for the damage I did, i totally misjudged you as a blogging ally. It won't happen again.

PS: What happened to edgar's toilet? I haven't been there in awhile.

Batless said...

The vintage dresses and floppy handshaking are so middle school bat mitvahs with premium caviar and vodka spilled all over the white rug. I wish I was born with a religion. My parents were a couple of haters.

Akubi said...

I think the entire situation is misunderstood.
Blame Montessori or not growing up with a religion or anything, but I simply cannot figure out when my artistic nudes cross the line to the point of being banned.
BTW, I still consider you an ally.
Given the f-ed up PTB we need to stick together and not fracture.

Akubi said...

Amusing HR email in my inbox:
Subject: Political Discussions, etc.

Given the upcoming Presidential Election, it is an opportune time to remind all employees of the policies which prevent harassment based upon political opinions.

Personnel Management Regulation 21 states that “Harassment includes…inappropriate or offensive remarks, slurs, jokes, or innuendos based on….political opinions or affiliations.” Though situations differ, examples of inappropriate remarks could include derogatory comments about candidates, or about co-worker’s political affiliations or opinions.

No one employed by [x] will engage in political activities on [x] premises, while engaged in official duties, using [x] equipment, or wearing an official [x] uniform. Examples of prohibited activities include wearing political buttons, emailing political jokes or announcements or handing out political advertisements or position statements.

Accordingly, though we may be excited, passionate and/or concerned about the election, we have to refrain from engaging in political conversations in the workplace or during working hours that might be offensive to co-workers.

If you experience this type of conversation or behavior at work, you are encouraged to request that it stop.