Sunday, September 14, 2008

Puppies and Unicorns!

This is Tanuki when he was such a sweet little puppy.

This is Akubi making a mess of my garden during his awkward phase. Wow, he wasn't nearly as fat/fluffy as he is now.

This is Akubi and Tanuki rolling in deer shit.

This is a family values™/ puppy/unicorn oriented blog. We disavow all association with pr0n which has clearly done more harm to this country than the Bush Admin.


Ogg the Caveman said...


What cute little doggies.

Centipede said...

I highly suspect Dick Cheney morphed into Sarah Palin. They are both EVIL!
Hey, Blogger deleted my Stuff White Trash Like blog. WTF?

Akubi said...

Wagga pointed me in the direction of Sherman's groovy new blog: The Money Shot Blog 2.0 - Your Friendly Neighborhood Post-Modern Porn Blog
I wish my dogs would stop farting though.

Centipede said...

I love this line: So basically it’s the pre-Nazi equivalent of furry porn, plus some sapphic delights.

Akubi said...

Note to self: N
ever become a bridesmaid again.
My best friend has lost her mind in regards to the f-ing Bachelorette Party (and this wedding shit in general) I've been recruited to deal with.
According to bridal traditions I'm thoroughly unaware of, the bridesmaids were supposed to plan the thing. Given her apathetic friends, she has a new recruit I haven't met, but now like and feel sorry for because she seemed to believe my best friend is rational in matters other than work and shit.

Mitchell said...

I found an optimistic take on this weekend's financial carnage, from, of all people, John Carney, editor of

"The best thing we have going for us is that most Americans were not heavily invested in financial stocks, don't have outrageous mortgages and have largely sat out the latest financial bubble. Provided we don't make things worse with ill-advised government meddling, this could be a terrific re-evaluation about where wealth should be invested in our country. In short, unwinding the Wall Street boom should make us a healthier, better country."

Akubi said...

Most Americans don't have outrageous mortgages? I guess he wasn't including California...

NotAnOptimist said...

holy unicorns. See, Charlie, this is what happens when vortexes and amulets show up.

Akubi said...

I don’t get it. Yesterday, I had 2fillings that I had supposedly grinded away replaced and I’m far more temperature sensitive in those areas. Shouldn’t the results be the exact opposite? This a new dentist and I have another couple fillings (for the other side) scheduled in a couple of weeks.
I’ve been pretty depressed about the overall political, financial and environmental state of affairs these past few days and miss the absurd Fishnet Friday outlet that has pretty much dried up since both Zillowed and Nietzsche Koi were recently and rapidly blocked like Zillow Book. Also, Casey is far from entertaining these days and I feel an irreparable split from certain aspects of the “Haterz” community that will never make it fun again.
Anyway I don’t see where this blog will go or if it will continue. As an ardent preservationist, I would never delete it since it is not fair to all of the commenters.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Akubi:

I seem to recall having short-term temperature sensitivity after fillings in the past.

Please don't stop blogging. I'd miss it a lot.

NotAnOptimist said...

Not having had any fillings recently, I wouldn't know about temperature sensitivity.

Ogg said it best:
"Please don't stop blogging. I'd miss it a lot."

wagga said...

Akubi dearest:

I'm allowed (under contract) to use all caps Once A Year-


NotAnOptimist said...

i'm so tired i think that i can see charlie the unicorn right outide my window. eep. why won't my brain shaddup? there's some yammering about witness protection for chow mein. i'm so confused.

edgar said...

Your doggies are so cute!

Akubi said...

Thanks folks!
Actually, there is something I want to blog about when I get a chance.

I tend to get Charlie the Unicorn stuck in my head as well.

Orwell's 2008: Now We're Really Really Fucked