Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Tentacle Tuesday!

Let Go by Dominique Fung

Requiem by Dominique Fung
Check out the sketch to final painting process on her blog.

The Rescue by Dominique Fung

Deep Element by *schwarzer-todt

Other unrelated finds:
* God Bless My Computer!
* Versailles goes kitsch as Jeff Koons' giant Lobster moves into the palace

I love this Bathroom Adventures photostream featured on Edgar's Toilet.
Her comment for the above photo:
Perhaps Sarah Palin just needs to let her hair down once in a while???
Please note that her octopus tattoo relates to Tentacle Tuesday.


mursty murstperson said...

i'm back baybee!

Anonymous said...

even the london stock exchange has computer malfunction

Project SCOBY Doo™ said...

I bet their systems weren't blessed by a Shinto priest for divine protection.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Hmm. Where can I get one of these Shinto priests?

Akubi said...

I could too. Outlook has failed me on my XP laptop so I'm stuck with the POS Vista one.

In other news, given the polls and such I'm trying to come to terms with a possible McCain/Palin win in November. It's depressing, but they'll be stuck with a huge fiscal problem they clearly will not solve, sooo there's still 2012.

edgar said...

i think we need a shinto priest to cast out the demons on the whole internetz tubz. I swear it is possessed or something. Totally schizoid lately. Is it just me or is blogger freaky, wordpress, everything. i think bill gates and the mind control cell towers have broken down the molecular structure of my tinfoil hat. Time for another layer.

edgar said...

i can't stay logged on, even when i do it won't let me edit from the front door. everything is slow as hell and i'm getting error messages and warnings, along with shutdowns on a frequent basis. arg, i suck. ack. barf. i just know it is evil secret society neo-con agentz somehow.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Reading this makes even the quite nasty browser bug I discovered today seem mild.

Akubi said...

i think we need a shinto priest to cast out the demons on the whole internetz tubz
I wonder how many Shinto priests it would take to cleanse the internets?
You doesn't sound good. Didn't you just reinstall everything from scratch on your system? Maybe you have a faulty harddrive?
I think my problem was probably just a corrupt Outlook profile, but when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is waste my time on that sort of a thing, so I switch laptops.

“Oh God,” you cry, “Save me from this living hell.” Because as you fix one bug involving edge conditions, something else undocumented sticks its prairie-dog ass into the air and hoses you down with poo.
Yeah, that sounds pretty awful.

Anonymous said...


thanx, that makes me feel better. even the nerds are cussing, i murst be ok.


it's not as bad as all that. i have a number of problems.

1) my local network server is often slow as hell.

2) i reformatted everything so all the years of updates are gone on everything.

3) i have my security set higher so i get more annoying warnings on stuff i do every day.

4) i am using ie-7 which is glacial and bombs of at a moments notice.

my hard drive is thankfully in pretty good shape, even after years of riding roughshod in the no-man's land of internetz tubz(tm) Don't worry, i will work it out, just venting.

Project SCOBY Doo™ said...

Hi Edgar,
I'm glad it's not that bad.
I tend to go through laptop hard drives rather quickly. It seems they were built to have a short shelf life. The last failure was more gradual than most and at first the symptoms seemed to resemble of virus or malware of some kind. In the end, it was just a slower death than usual.

NotAnOptimist said...

completely OT:
I don't know how it is that I can sound so suave in my head yet not at all out loud.

Akubi said...

I make a point of sounding goofy in my head and then I'm never disappointed.

In other news:
Photoshop for Democracy Revisited: The Sarah Palin File

Akubi said...

This is funny:
During this US election cycle we are hearing a lot from the pundits and candidates about "heartland voters," and "white working class voters."

What they are talking about are rednecks. But in their political correctness, media types cannot bring themselves to utter the word "redneck." So I'll say it for them: redneck-redneck-redneck-redneck.
We come in one size: extra large. We are sometimes insolent and often quick to fight. We love competitive spectacle such as NASCAR and paintball, and believe gun ownership is the eleventh commandment.

We fry things nobody ever considered friable - things like cupcakes, banana sandwiches and batter dipped artificial cheese…even pickles.
And that is one of the reasons that, mystifying as it is to the outside world, John McCain's choice of the moose-shooting Alaskan woman with the pregnant unmarried teen daughter appeals to many redneck and working class Americans.

buzz said...

Joe Bageant was picked up by the BBC. bukko is going to love this!

edgar said...

Palin is an eco-tehrist

Akubi said...

And yet her earmarks suggest such a concern for Alaska's environment:

• $400,000: Alaska Invasive Species Program: Continues to comprehensively prevent, identify, and respond to the threat of invasive species on the Alaska environment.

• $494,900: Assessment of Recreational Halibut Harvest in Alaska: This is an ongoing effort to collect data on the recreational halibut fishery that is conducted by federal agencies though relying on the state for data.

• $2 million: Bering Sea Crab Research and Management: Researches Bering Sea crab productivity and sustainability as necessary to restore crab stocks.

• $3.2 million: Seal and Steller Sea Lion Biological Research: Funds monitoring of ice seal populations in Native villages, research on the species delineation and genetics of harbor seals to understand the declines in population and provide for population restoration, and continues research into Steller Sea Lion population decline.

I wonder where the money really goes?

NotAnOptimist said...

Goofy isn't really my modus operandi; I tend towards dark/angsty/emo on a bad day, and not-so-optimistic on a good. ;)

Akubi said...

Hi Notanoptimist,
Yeah, I've tended to be all of that too (and had a python named Angst when I was a teenager) as well as angry about the overall state of affairs in this country. Focusing on goofy absurd crap helps me get by though – such as this Toilet Art for you:
even goth girls do it by ~de-kay

Obviously, the photographer is a 30-something loser who cannot distinguish Goth from Emo ;).