Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spam: Horror in a Can

little piglet by ~cinemaentete

Some of these piglets convulsed for more than 12 minutes before dying.

Although pigs are even smarter than dogs and can be just as sociable, they are treated in this horrifying manner:
  • A supervisor shoved a cane into a sow's vagina, struck her on the back about 17 times, and then struck another sow.

  • Multiple pigs were beaten with metal gate rods, and lacerations were found on more than 30 sows - which is probably evidence of more abuse.

  • A worker hit a young pig in the face four times with the edge of a herding board, and investigators witnessed dozens of similar incidents involving this worker and 11 other workers.

  • Two men - including a supervisor - were witnessed jabbing clothespins into pigs' eyes and faces. A supervisor also poked two animals in the eyes with his fingers.

  • A supervisor kicked a young pig in the face, abdomen, and genitals to make her move and told PETA's investigator, "You gotta beat on the bitch. Make her cry."

  • A worker who weighed an estimated 315 lbs. punched a sow on the back three times and said that he sat on a sow's head.
Unfortunately, much of this is not uncommon. For example, piglets are regularly castrated without anesthetics. Just something to think about over your next ham sandwich.

Mun sylilapsi Santana lampissa by ~blindboysneverlie

WEIRD: Blogger ate my somewhat more positive updates.

Happy antidote: children's songs for adults


NotAnOptimist said...



Akubi said...

I know.
I hate Blogger - and it seems to get confused when you're posting under different logins. I'll repeat the more "upbeat" update I posted as myself once I'm certain this comments post.
P.S. If I had more space, I'd love a pet pig.

Akubi said...

Cute details of the little pigs the pool in the photo at the bottom of the page:
I threw him into our pool and got scared when I thought he might not be able to swim so I had Timo to dive in and rescue him!!! \*o*/ My hubby is my hero!!! Anyway, I went to this community center and found these swimming lessons, and under kids and adults and private lessons, were ones for little kids( you know like infants or babies)
So yah, *nods* I signed my baby up and took him to the swim lessons. Just to make me feel better my friend Jussi (John) brought his pig and we had them be a part of the lessons.
Now I'm happy to say that my baby can swim ^_^

Akubi said...

I can't figure out why she waited for her husband to save the little piggy in the pool, but itsallgood.

Another less disturbing update (via Wagga) Blogger removed from my post was this girlfriend for Casey: No Job? Never Call? Hate cats and/or dogs? YOU could be next!

NotAnOptimist said...

Re: craigslist posting
Wow, if she'd put that in Sacramento, I might think she was baiting our Snowflake.

Ogg the Caveman said...

If you get a pet pig be sure you get a small one. I don't think certain dogs would be happy with the competition for food.

-FutureShock- said...

That's kind of mean, but the reality of our world.

Akubi said...

Hi FS!
Thanks for stopping by!
Yes, primates are generally very mean.
Pigs and dogs are SWEET though.

Anonymous said...

DEMOCRAT: …and hence c2=(a+b)2-4(ab/2), and the Pythagorean Theorem is indeed true, as claimed.
REPUBLICAN: Nuh-uh! No it isn’t! You’re an elitist dorkwad!
DEMOCRAT: Clearly this ad hominem attack is simply an irrelevant distraction from the issue at hand. Returning to the expression for c2, we see that…
REPUBLICAN: Blah blah blah! Did they teach you to drone on like that in the Ivy League?

this little piggie said...

I bet edgar wouldn't like that story very much. :(

Ogg the Caveman said...

Enough about Palin's e-mails. Let's look at Obama's.

Lab Dog™ said...

You’re an elitist dorkwad!