Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Good News I Missed in the Gloom & Doom of it All

Wolves by ~Dragonsfire867

A federal wildlife official in Billings said the government planned to retreat for now from its attempt to take gray wolves in the Northern Rockies off the endangered species list. The official, Ed Bangs of the Fish and Wildlife Service, said the government in the next week planned to withdraw a rule issued this spring. The rule was based on the assertion that the region’s approximately 1,500 wolves were recovered fully, opening the way for public hunting of wolves to begin this fall in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Those hunts had been in doubt since July, when Judge Donald Molloy of Federal District Court blocked them pending resolution of a lawsuit by environmentalists.
Montana: Gray Wolves May Get Government Reprieve

The only way Wall Street's meltdown doesn't spill over to Main Street is if policymakers begin to pay adequate attention to the people whose wallets really keep the economy going, and who merit more help than the Wall Street tycoons whose carelessness and negligence have put it in such jeopardy.

Wolves by !Lupo-Selvaggio


Ogg the Caveman said...

Murst! Good news.

For once I am glad that my job keeps me too busy to keep up on the news much during the day.

Akubi said...

Hi Ogg!
Good news when I needed it.

For those lurkers and non-lurkers on this blog who helped with this Reprieve: THANK YOU!

Currently my dogs are farting away and it smells strangely like popcorn some annoying coworker would burn in the microwave.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Microwave popcorn should be banned from all offices. Especially when it's not burnt but deliciously buttery-smelling.

Akubi said...

I like change, but I could never be Jain.

NotAnOptimist said...

I'm not a fan of popcorn. Its sweet aroma always carries a whiff of optimism.

Went to a job fair today. Think it went well. Not sure if I'm actually looking for a job. Hmm.

Currently trying to write a story about a bird with a yen for hot dogs.

Anonymous said...

is that a YEN for hotdogs or a YEARN ??? so basically are we quantifying monetary wants or want itself or ??? oh my ....

Harmonika Savingsbonds said...

How I would LOVE to feed that Palin bitch to a pack of starving wolves.

Akubi said...

I agree that microwave popcorn should be banned from offices.

Birds and hot dogs remind me of two books I'd highly recommend.

*Hot Dogs:
_A Confederacy of Dunces_ by John Kennedy Toole - one of the funniest books I've ever read (sadly the author committed suicide at 32)

_The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles_ by Haruki Murakami - difficult to describe, but well worth reading.

Hmmm, that's an interesting take.

Yes, when I'm in one of my less charitable moods I'd like to do the same.

NotAnOptimist said...

It's definitely YEN. The bird's Japanese.

Thx for the book recs, they're definitely going on my to-read list.