Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Casey Gets Testes

Rumor has it that Casey Serin was in fact brewing Nikolay Dolgorukiy's legendary “cosmic” energy broth in the spa at the Modesto property. As one can see in this photo, Casey’s adoption of Nikolay's sun gazing practice has left his complexion ruddier than usual.

Soon Casey shall completely replace Starbucks lattes with sunlight and wheatgrass shots with home-brewed vegetable broth. Thanks to the larvae eating fish donated by Modesto's vector control, Casey has been enjoying Nikolay’s cosmic “fish-soup.” (Only a select few are given the secret recipe.) To assist in Casey's dietary and spiritual transformation, Dolgorukiy has offered the "7-hedral pyramid" on the left "built on Sunny-street of Zaporozhye" far from the temptations of Jamba Juice, Starbucks and Macaroni Grille. There has been some debate over whether it would be wise to include Galina in Casey’s new spiritual journey. Nikolay opposes the idea, but Casey wants it "more organic".
Once he checks into Pyramid #7, Casey plans to relax and unwind in the "bio-energy-information chamber" where "there is a clearing, a rejuvenation of an organism, a smoothing of the energy field of a human."

More from Casey's new spiritual advisor:

- It doesn’t prevent me. I plant the fruit trees along waste water here. I carry people kindness, love, display mercy and compassion here. It is a beauty of my life!

It doesn’t matter where a human lives. It`s important that what is going out from him in the space. I love this waste water where I have learned to swim in a childhood.

I want to people learned to think brightly, then a lot of problems will go away from their lifes.

An organism of a human is unique and nobody knows his latent possibilities before he testes them.


Anonymous said...

sun eater dood!

kombucha said...

Did you hear about the enormous komucha the Stanislaus County Mosquito and Vector agent discovered at the bottom of the pool? It was carefully removed and analyzed in a lab before the fish were added. I bet that kombucha was related to that sun worshipping guru and Casey was more pissed about his missing spiritual mushroom than anything else.

Aspeth said...

Hahahahaha! You did it! I knew you'd find an awesome tie-in between the two mad russians...this post is effing crazy!!!

Akubi said...

The Russian sun beam spiritual guy kept popping up here and there. I knew there was a "Casey" connection.
As far as craziness goes, I do like the absurd. On the more serious level, I really hope I don't have bad dreams about W's Charlie Rose interview.