Monday, April 23, 2007

M. SINGH Uncovers Casey's Church of the SubPrime™

M. SINGH reveals Casey's esoteric practices and recruitment efforts!

At 8:08 AM, M. SINGH said...


With Mr. SERIN's last foreclosure auction scheduled for this Friday, and the sudden drop in Mr. SWABY's business -- as well as the creation of a bizarre blog targeting Robert COTÉ-- it seems that the two have partnered in a new business venture.

You may have heard of the Church of the SubGenius[tm]. Messrs. SERIN and SWABY have created the Church of the SubPrime[tm]. Not only does this provide a vehicle of "sweet" 501(c)(3) tax-exemption benefits, it also gives them an even bigger opportunity to court media attention. No longer will they be relegated to late night telecasts or basic cable!

They are recruiting new members from newspaper ads and signs strategically placed on telephone poles exhorting: "Own this home with no banks! G-d hates banks!" Its misogynistic scriptures preach the evil of tinfoil clothing on females, and advocate a return to "traditional duties" for women -- such as cabinet assembly, pool cleaning, lawn-mowing, and basic wage earning.

The first thing they plan to do is picket foreclosure auctions, such as the one this Friday. Also, in a bold move, they are also planning on picketing the funerals of Wells Fargo and RE/MAX employees.

You can see a still image of their recent efforts here.

I remain,



Anonymous said...

Those guys say foreclosure is God's will. I hate those guys.

Aspeth said...

I love M. SINGH !!! When I read his sign-off, it always makes me feel like I'm in a Rohinton Mistry novel ;-)

Schnapps said...

Oooh, I missed this comment of M. Singh's. Am sorry I did now.

(This is what happens when you have a workload that is feast-or-famine. Am currently feasting).

Akubi said...

M. SINGH reminds me of a late 19th century version of Rod Serling.

I'm certain he understands the Orthogonal Defect Classification that the sun-guru in the Ukraine hopes to explain to Casey in Pyramid #7.