Saturday, April 28, 2007

THE FLIP-IN & 1.2.3...FLIP!

If you like vintage kitsch particularly pulp fiction from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, I’d recommend perusing The Groovy Age of Horror.

While I was reading the current feeds I noticed a “Swappers” category and these paperbacks in The Swinging, Swapping Sixties by Earl Kemp post.

Imagine if you will (as Rod Serling would say) a more recent form of exuberant excess, The Swinging Flipping Zeroes and replace “swap” with “flip” in these book titles...


Anonymous said...

The Swapsuckers cover was the best. Who might the Flipsuckers be?

Anonymous said...

The passage from 123Swap was pretty funny: "Come on, drop your clothes and jump into the pool with the rest of us.." The Gay Swap looks like a collector's item.