Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Casey Kombucha Vector Update

News Flash!
A certain Mosquito & Vector Control source in California is aware of a "jellyfishy mass the size of an SUV...
CaseySerinisGodkinda like something in The Blob” discovered in a “dirty” pool in Modesto.
Keep in mind that Casey’s new guru, Nikolay Dolgorukiy, lives in the Ukraine where kombucha is frequently consumed and referred to as kvass. It is highly unusual for kombucha to grow to the size of an SUV, so the e-noise/rumors suggest that Nikolay has given Casey Serin the ultimate mother culture and “fish-soup” is a SCOBY code word. As I continue to research Project SCOBY Doo I’m confident that Schnapps can clarify the scientific details.

UPDATE: Nikolay has not extended his invitation to Nigel and has expressed concern that his cosmic energy could clog the cleansing mechanism in the bio-energy-information chamber.


flailing forward said...

Congrats on joining the sneaky trackback club:
heh heh

JohnDiddler said...

this thing is really bangin. i'd like to bang nigel swaby in the pie hole. i'm really getting turned on by this guy. how can he help with forclosure avoidance? i'll avoid foreclosing on my underpants when he's around.