Sunday, October 19, 2008

Floating Drowning Gardens and such

.Ophelia. by ~the-baglady

As mentioned earlier on BAAB I like this song from Fabulist and for some reason it reminds me Ophelia.

Ophelia by ~Spider-Kiss

break by ~Spider-Kiss


Lab Dog™ said...

Just had to murst myself before going to sleep.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Sweet finds!

Akubi said...

Japanese insect foods

Ogg the Caveman said...

Um... ew.

Anonymous said...

More abuse at the Hormel pig farm.

NotAnOptimist said...

Hi Akubi. Your mp3 is very different from the Hannah Montana/Jo Bros pop I normally listen to (and laugh at), but I like it. I think that maybe it reminds you of Ophelia because of the repetition of the word "falling".

Akubi said...

More bug eating for you (although I'm not sure how Centipede would feel about this one): Missing Oregon hiker survives five days by eating centipedes.

I think that maybe it reminds you of Ophelia because of the repetition of the word "falling".
You're probably right.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Akubi:

I can see where Centipede would have mixed feelings, but perhaps other bugs could be used instead.

BTW, I have a friend who went into one of the, shall we say, stealthier parts of the US military a while back. One of the things that they taught him is how to use maggots to clean a wound if nothing else is available. Gross, but potentially lifesaving.

Ogg the Caveman said...


Akubi said...

Yes, I have heard that maggots can be quite effective cleaners of dead tissue, but I hope I'm never in a situation to rely on them for medical help.
When I was a little kid I wanted to be an "Insectologist" and had multiple microscopes, scalpels, bug huts, etc. to encourage this distraction. Anyway, centipedes were the weirdest dissection material - strange green and blue jelly could be found inside. It always reminded me of the breath freshening gum with a splash of mouthwash inside marketed at the time...

BTW, I have yet to receive my petrified squid. WTF?

Why would one lubricate a fence?

Centipede said...

Yes, my insides are an endless source of rainbows and entertainment.
What sort of asshat would kill a bear cub?
Leila Tvedt, associate vice chancellor for public relations, said Monday night that maintenance workers found the 75-pound bear cub shot to death around 7:45 a.m. in front of the school's administration building at the entrance to the campus near N.C. 107. The Obama yard signs were stapled together and placed over the bear's head, Tvedt said.

The bear had been shot in the head, Tvedt said...

I hate wingnut, evil shitheads like that.

Lab Dog™ said...

We seem to have forgotten that the original purpose of antitrust law was also to prevent companies from becoming too powerful. Too powerful in that so many other companies depended on them, so many jobs turned on them, and so many consumers or investors or depositors needed them – that the economy as a whole would be endangered if they failed. Too powerful in that they could wield inordinate political influence – of a sort that might gain them extra favors from Washington.

Maybe the biggest irony today is that Washington policymakers who are funneling taxpayer dollars to these too-big-to-fail companies are simultaneously pushing them to consolidate into even bigger companies.

Casey is Insane said...

I don't know why I bother reading Casey's blog any longer. He is truly insane.

Anonymous said...


Lab Dog™ said...

I thought this might interest you.

@casey is insane,
I would be more concerned if KC *supported* Obama.

Hi Edgar,
Why haven't you posted your TP poem on ET where it belongs?