Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hello Kitty ATM and such

However, this particular pussy repository apparently has very tight restrictions; with well-timed withdrawals the preferred procedure, and deposits almost definitely deemed out of the question
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE via Wagga with the following comment: "this bloke making a deposit? - or peeing on it"
Considered posting it on Edgar's Toilet, but I think the HK ATM juxtaposition is more appropriate.
My dogs are currently in some sort of barking competition with the Pug next door.
Little dogs are so much more high strung than big dogs.
WARNING: the fishnet image at the bottom of the post may be considered NSFW in certain sectors.

If you’re familiar with Shearer’s Le Show, you won’t be too horrified by this TERRIBLE CREEPY MUSIC.

She's a show-off


Ogg the Caveman said...


Creepy but fun video.

edgar said...

hello kitty atm doesn't take deposits? that's the funnest part.

Ogg the Caveman said...

In the grim future of Hello Kitty, there are only withdrawls!

Aware of Internet Traditions said...

Since Barack Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers is supposed to be the subject of the greatest media whitewash since the Clintons killed Vince Foster, I suppose it's only fair to ask why John McCain has received multiple tongue baths from a Watergate co-conspirator and Nazi fetishist...

Ogg the Caveman said...

The candidates as trains

Akubi said...

SWEET find!
I love trains.

Akubi said...

BTW, I think the main reason I generally don't have the patience for Daily Kos is the lack of humor, but that was AWESOME.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Hmm. I didn't even look at the URL, so I didn't realize it was a Daily Kos link until you mentioned it.

I don't read Kos regularly, although I'll occasionally hit a link there. Like you say, there's just no humor. I also get frustrated and annoyed by news sources with a really blatant bias, even if it's my kind of bias.