Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sarah Palin Sex Doll and SAT Scores

Sarah Palin Sex Doll Now On Sale

Sarah Palin’s SAT Scores?
I hope this is a hoax. Doesn’t one automatically get similar scores just for showing up?

On a related note:


mursty murstperson said...


senor segundo said...

mursty shoots, he scores!

thurston thirdperson III said...

That doll is hot!

Anonymous said...

get a room u guyz! ;)

NotAnOptimist said...

Lost the murst to look up the SAT. My opinion is that it definitely looks like a hoax. I'm pretty certain all SAT scores end w/ a 0 (e.g. 610, 720, etc). At least, that was the case 10 years ago and I can't find anything that says that wasn't the case in 1981.

Ogg the Caveman said...

I tend to assume that such things are bogus (the SAT scores, not the hot ass in rubber). Who knows, though. I can't imagine that her real scores were too high.

Shitty day at the looser w-2 today.

NotAnOptimist said...

Wow, Akubi, this is the 7th hit on Google for "sarah palin sat score" (no quotes) right now.

While I stand by my opinion that it's a hoax, it's quite cleverly done.

Ogg, sorry to hear you had such a crap day. =(

wagga said...

I don't know what SAT scores Lincoln, FDR & Truman achieved.

In terms of tough moral decisions, these three changed the course of our (& global) history.

Yes, she winked at me, & yes, she's a MILF, but she has ZERO moral authority - she's about a good a choice as Gary Hart.

wagga said...

This just in:

Palin investigation can proceed, Alaska high court rules

will she last out the month?

Lab Dog™ said...

Honestly, I can't remember the details of my SAT scores - other than the fact it was way above *that*.
As I mentioned above, don't you get 300 or so points just for showing up.
My experience with the SAT is that the verbal was a pain in the ass like the LSAT and the math was a piece of cake.

Akubi said...

McLooser and Palin have been f-ing up by any possible definition of the term, but so had George W in 2004.
How can one not get tin foil hat-ish these days?
This time the neocon repugs want to get the hell out of this disaster they created as long as they have the money to do so.
Do you think W will really retire in Texas?
He'll be napping in Dubai.

Ogg the Caveman said...

I never took the SAT. The ACT seemed like less of a pain in the ass, plus it was later in the year which suited my procrastination. I don't recall my exact score but it was... rather better than the equivalent of Palin's supposed SAT score.