Friday, October 3, 2008

2759 Koi Jobless in Seattle

Koi by *DelMuro
Hat tip to Wagga for this find!

There's something fishy about letting fish give a pedicure. That's what the state says.

Pedicures by fish — the use of tiny, live carp to clean feet — has been deemed unsanitary and illegal in this state.

The state Department of Licensing issued a statement Thursday saying officials were "greatly concerned" that customers, in their quest for smooth heels, are willing to soak their feet in a tank of toothless fish that feast on dead skin.

Christine Anthony, spokeswoman for the department, said it's impossible to sanitize the live fish. "You can clean the tank, you can clean the water, but there's no guarantee that the fish aren't carrying something from the previous customer."

...State outlaws fish pedicures

Speaking of fish: Happy Fishnet Friday! TGIFF!

Hello Kitty Love. by *PlastikStars

Blue Killer 66 by ~DrTaker

Actual photograph of California going bankrupt


NotAnOptimist said...


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin sure would look cute in one of these outfits.

edgar said...

some boikable, some makes me ::shudders::

edgar said...

boinkable, frack!

Ogg the Caveman said...

Hmm. Is that bankruptcy picture from SF or LA?

Akubi said...

Hi Notanoptimist!

If this one said "Hockey Mom" rather "Obama" on it I could completely see Palin wearing it.

I was considering only posting the "California going bankrupt" guy for Fishnet Friday, but decided that was cruel given what a bad week we've survived.

I'll have to review the Wonkette comment thread, but someone found the character pictured in the L.A. Times. That sort of thing just doesn't happen in Northern California.

In other news, I came home to discover toilet paper everywhere. Poms can be a teem of MAVERIKS too! Last night's debate must have rubbed off on my dogs.

Akubi said...

OK, here's the linky: Big Britney waddles to glory at Hard Rock
That really is the strangest looking ass stomach I've ever seen. WTF?

edgar said...

WTF?? I thought everyone in Cali was wealthy? You-ins want $7B from us poor assed okies? Pitiful, just pitiful. I tell u what, how's about we send back your convicts when youse don't pay the bills on time? [/rant]

Akubi said...

Hi Edgar,
Thanks to a bunch of "wealthy" people like Casey Serin, CA is pretty screwed these days - of course there are also many, many other reasons this state is so fiscally f-ed up, but the foreclosure/credit crisis situation has culminated into the perfect storm that may be the straw that broke the ailing camel's back.