Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Fishnet Friday!


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! I'm too lazy to create a new post, but I like this song from Fabulist.

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Funny Juxtaposition and comment over at the Percy Trout Hour: Baffling Maverick


NotAnOptimist said...

Murst! Fishnet Friday, yay!

Akubi said...

Hi Notanoptimist,
Thanks for being the one and only person to comment on my blog today.

I've been thinking about my lack of interest in KC's latest BS and it seems to follow my lack of interest in George W. Retard. Yesterday's news.

Ogg the Caveman said...

I'm currently blowing off some anxiety following one of life's minor fuckups. I think I'll head off to the fliptard's blog to see what's up.

Thanks for Fishnet Friday.

NotAnOptimist said...

Random question for those of you owned by cats:
What does it mean when a cat arches her back and her tail stiffens up when you try to touch her (with your hand), but she is willing to walk around you and rub her head against your knee when you squat down next to her?
NotAnOptimist (who is confused by the neighbor's cat)

Ogg the Caveman said...

Cat tails in a nutshell:

Up is happy
Down is sad
Straight back is in between
Swishing is annoyed
Puffed up (hairs standing on end) is angry or frightened

It sounds like the cat likes you.

Akubi said...

It sounds like your cat is being coy in a manner that reminds me of my cat when she flirts with people.

Speaking of pets, here's another cute military dog story. I was flipping through Dog Fancy and came across an article about a woman traveling with her dog in Kenya. Apparently, they don't pet their dogs there. I have heard similar stories from an African coworker who finds it odd that everyone seems to treat their dogs like children in this country. One can't help but wonder what the Iraqis and Afghanis think of our love of dogs. We blow people and structures up left and right, but go crazy over a lost puppy. Of course, I'm all for Operation Baghdad Pups because I think dogs can boost morale and provide an element of sanity in an insane situation (and I love dogs), but still wonder how this is interpreted by someone from entirely different cultural background.

Akubi said...

BTW this has to be utter BS: Republicans are NOT sexy

Akubi said...

I thought Obama supporters were supposed to be latte sipping elitists...If that's the case, why do 7-11 coffee drinkers overwhelming support the O? What I find particularly bizarre is that 61% of 7-11 coffee drinkers in TEXAS of all places say no to WALNUTS. Wow!

wagga said...

McCain, Palin hint Obama policies are socialist.

So where does bush admins Privatize Profits, Socialize Losses (PPSL) fit in here?

wagga said...

More on mogs:

Tail straight out indicates "Checking up & down the food chain" - surviving cats check up before down.
- also means "don't slide the door shut until I'm all the way out ( or in)"

The yawn (showing the fangs) means "Lord & Master, You with Opposed Thumbs & hence able to Open Canned Cat Food - Open the Fucking Can. Now!"

SuperChick said...

The Big O makes cream in my panties!

wagga said...

Cheap Industrial Food Recipe #1:


1 5.5 Oz. Cat Food Can (FCBC)*.
1-3 lbs Onions (Yellow/White).
1 Package Rice-A-Roni (Spanish).
1 Package Hot Dogs or Sausage.
1 28 Oz Can Peeled Tomato.
2 Cups water.
(Optional) BBQ leftovers.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Cheap Sherry or a good beer**.
Roger Whittaker or Mozart CD.


Preheat cast-iron Skillet,
using EVOO.
Saute chopped onions. Reserve.
Saute sliced hot dogs. Reserve.
Slam rice on high heat, stirring constantly, until smoking. Add flavour package. Quench with sherry.
Add water, onions & hot dogs.
Open tomato can & add to skillet.
Open cat food can and feed to cats attracted to the tomato can opening.
Add optional BBQ leftovers.
Simmer for half-hour.


9 servings, or 3 $2 meats for a hungry single bloke.

*(FCBC) Flavour Chosen By Cat.
** I favor cooking with beer, & sometimes the beer should be put in the food.

Anonymous said...

my kitty arches her back to show off to me. she likes to do what she wants, hence she can rub on me all she wants, but the reverse is not necessarily true. Also, I can sit anywhere I want as long as she doesn't want to sit there. she also can change her mind as often as she wants as to which chair she wants. I think she likes the warm spot i leave on the cushion, hence i get moved around at intervals.

Anonymous said...

a pic i scanned 4 akubi

Akubi said...

That recipe is thoroughly disgusting.

I like the pic.

As far as cats are concerned, I've found that each one I've owned has had an entirely unique personality (like a koi) and what meant one thing to one cat can mean something entirely different to another. They're rather unpredictable.

In other news, it appears Ogg does drugs: Stone Age man took drugs, say scientists

Ogg the Caveman said...

I'll have you know that I didn't exhale.

NotAnOptimist said...


Akubi said...

Hmmm, without exhaling it really is amazing you're still alive and/or not tripping in an entirely different plane of reality.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it here, but I suspect my 12 year old cat, Kookoo, has developed a rather minor case of Feline Hyperthyroidism. I checked her glands and they were not noticeably enlarged. However, she has the following symptoms:
•Increased energy and friskiness
•More vocalization
•Drinking more water

She was a teeny tiny stray, calico kitten when I adopted her and has managed to find a level of comfort in her own personal space, but she *HATES going to the vet* – and therefore hasn’t been there or out of the house in nearly a decade.

Does anyone know of a holistic home treatment for this kitty thyroid issue?

Akubi said...

Do you have any pets of your own these days?

Akubi said...

Oops - I meant NAO. My latent dyslexia is generally in the upside down issue. I do not believe that a 6 should look like a 9 and vice versa. It tends to throw me off and is probably part of some vast conspiracy.

Akubi said...

A victory for whales! The Cook Inlet Beluga whale, genetically distinct from other belugas, has been placed on the endangered species list. Sarah Palin - and most Alaskan politicians have opposed the listing because it could place restrictions on big business development that pollute the Cook Inlet ecosystem. Sarah Palin has actively opposed the listing, calling it “premature”.

Akubi said...

More awesome commentary from Alaska:
Todd Palin, talkin’ bout our country’s core values
Todd Palin spoke to Pennsylvania hunters sportsmen at a gun club on Oct. 19th. He told the gun lovers that it is important to vote for a ticket that “supports our core values — hunting and fishing.” This is what I’ve been talking about - in Alaska, hunting is a core value that defines identity, and now apparently patriotism and being a “real” American. Forget Democracy, forget freedom, forget liberty, fuck the land of opportunity or the separation of church from state, or freedom of speach - no, hunting and fishing are the core values of our country.

God bless our constitutional right to shoot wolves for fun! Our founding fathers built this fine country on the need to stock our homes with fresh game meat. And we better start rootin’ out those Markist* bastard socialist maggots before they threaten the foundation of this nation - salmon fillets. Thanks Todd, for the enlightening commentary.

As far as I'm concerned the Palins can shove it up their

NotAnOptimist said...

Hi Akubi. Nope, no pets. But the neighbor's cat likes to pop into our backyard sometimes and greet me when I'm taking out the trash.

And a big thank you to all who helped me get an inkling about cat behavior.

I've always thought that animals are a lot more empathetic than humans. Humans just kinda suck in that realm.

Akubi said...

Completely agree about humans. I thought you might like the mp3 I just added to my post...
Let me know what you think.