Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Guy's Concept of Feminine Beauty

Weird site of the month: Feminine Beauty.
Erik Holland finds the formless facial structure of an adolescent girl (other than Dasha featured above) more appealing than the "masculine" facial structure favored by the gay domination of the fashion business.
(My dogs are going nuts so I'll have to continue this post a bit later...)
His anti-anorexia message seems admirable, but why is it accompanied with this? What’s up with all the porn links anyway? Many of his examples of "feminine beauty" included silicone engineered bodies.
In summary, he can go fuck himself.

Could Dasha even have a "masculine" jaw problem...?


wagga said...


Lab Dog™ said...

What do you think of that weird site?
No wonder Luba wasn't even included in his beauty example section (while some look like girls at your local Subway sandwich shop): masculine features in the cheekbones and jaw.

Ogg the Caveman said...

An article on the attractiveness of belly buttons? How odd.

Akubi said...

Fun with McCain

Akubi said...

Of all of the posts on all of my blogs, I have yet to figure out why this one attracts so many anonytrolls.