Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Groovy H-Bombs, Rats & Pregnant Women!

As Seen on The Groovy Age of Horror!

After reading Curt’s Coming of the Rats book review Project SCOBY Doo™ members are dying to get their hands on a copy of this one. There must be a Mrs. Serin connection in here:

Steve Seabrook is an L.A. advertising copywriter. He's also determined to survive the nuclear war he's sure is coming. He has a cave ready in the mountains, and as the international situation deteriorates, he even stocks up on two dozen ferrets and a whole zoo of terriers and cats, because he read that rats can survive radiation. Meanwhile, he's trying to convince Bettirose, the hot little number who works in the mail room, to be Eve to his Adam. That's literally how he thinks about it. Canned goods? Check. Batteries? Check. Woman to repopulate the world with? Working on it.
Too bad Bettirose isn't interested. Ah, but there's a sexy Latina living in the neighborhood of his cave, and she manages to hook up with Steve, despite his pining for Bettirose. At the novel's end, both ladies are pregnant by Steve, doing their part to help him repopulate the world.


Akubi said...

At least I can do it here. Also, this comment serves as a reminder to discuss the AMAZING BS metering abilities of one of my dogs.

Anonymous said...

I have batteries!

Pom Hatin Vista Again said...

Another reminder: Personal retro “stuff” nobody particularly gives a flying F about along the lines of The Shining (and many degrees of “organic” separation)…The Pretenders, Monkey Gone to Heaven and Pod, Mother Superior jumping a gun… Now that I’m getting confessional and shit I’ll have to stop writing.

Akubi said...

Further non-astute thoughts...
Why is this so disturbing??!

• Boy with an earache goes to the doctor
• Doctor discovers spiders living in boy's ear
• "They were walking on my eardrums," Jesse Courtney said.
• Spiders made faint cracking sound, like Rice Krispies cereal

Schnapps said...

Ok that thing about the spiders in the ears? ICK. My question is, how dirty does your house have to be for the spiders to want to find a different house?

Akubi said...

If it's messier than my house or office, it would have to be really bad. Of course, messy is different from dirty. Wait, what was that crackling noise?

Schnapps said...

And that, Akubi, is why I have a maid service.

Akubi said...

I tried maid service a couple of times, but could never find anything afterwards! And, yes, I specifically pointed out the important piles of crap that should remain intact, but they never seemed to remember that and charged too much for the annoyance produced (to me and my pets), so it made absolutely no sense to pursue it. I guess I’m just comfortable with my disordered sense of order.