Monday, May 21, 2007

3 Thumbs Up for CaseyPedia™

Project SCOBY Doo™ endorses CaseyPedia™ as the Official Source of all things Casey Serin.

Fishing with Nigel Swaby


Schnapps said...

Is that a koi (which is a type of fish) boot?

Akubi said...

I believe it is some sort of trout. However, there is a touch of algae which is caused by the sun.

Schnapps said...

A trout is also a type of fish.

And yes, algae is caused by the sun.

And hey, I updated

Schnapps said...

Oh and I have an imaginative 6 degrees! Looky:

John Travolta was in "Saturday Night Fever" (the disco one with him in the white suit).

There is a movie called "Forever Fever" which in Singapore is known as "Don't Call Me John Travolta".

Singapore has a Miss Universe competition every year.

Donald Trump owns part of the Miss Universe franchise (or whatever its called).

The Donald also has links to Robert Kiyosaki, who is one of Casey's gurus.

(Lawnmowerman's is still better, in my not-so-humble opinion [IMNSHO])

JohnDiddler said...

i couldn't create an account on it. so what's up with that?

Akubi said...

Where is Lawnmower Man? He has yet to comment on his winning prize. Perhaps he's not much of a kombucha fan and doesn't want the massive-kombucha-in-progress award.

Are you referring to a account? It takes time to get an official handshake or milkshake or something along those lines.

P.S. I'm a big fan of Rainbow Trout.

Schnapps said...

The caseypedia milkshake: does it have wheatgrass?

Oh and you have to email NoDebtWhatSoEver to get an account, but because he engages in a whole of of Massive Focused Action (tm) it seems to take a bit.


Sprezzatura said...

That boot is cool.

Akubi said...

Various painted boots like this one are scattered throughout Cheyenne, WY. I plan to keep everyone waiting in anticipation for the release of a new cowboy boot photo :).

Akubi said...

The feng shui is a bit off, but I needed a place to upload the CaseyPedia EASY button for the side panel.