Monday, May 21, 2007

Exurban Nation Observation: About Galina Serin

Interesting food for thought at Exurban Nation:

At 10:17 AM, LossMitPro said...
About Galina Serin

A few things to understand so that the following makes more sense, thus please bear with me. First off, I met Galina (once) during a three hour dinner meeting with Casey (I bought, at my insistence, in case you’re wondering). Second, I am qualified to make certain behavioral observations and determinations as I’m trained and authorized to do so under California’s ADR Programs Act. Third, and lastly, my objectivity in reporting here may be affect somewhat because I happen to like Galina (based on my personal observations).

Having made all that clear...

Galina Serin can best be described as a “lady” in the truest sense of that word. She is vastly different than her husband, both in behavior and speech. She is poised, well-mannered and gracious typifying a subservient yet supportive and loving Christian wife. She will speak her mind when appropriate, but mostly allows Casey to control the substance of discussions. She is quiet and soft spoken.

Galina does not make rash statements; she speaks deliberately -- always with a purpose, and is apparently of a very rational mind. When she speaks direct eye contact is predominant, and mannerisms convey a strong sense of sincerity.

She understands the complexities of what Casey does with his blog, but I sense (based on body language) does not approve. She is a private person who is less compulsive than Casey -- as is obvious by her physical reactions to certain stimuli. (For instance during our talks I made a number of trigger statements to seek reactions from both, Galina and Casey.)

As to the matter of whether or not Galina willfully participated in Casey’s Real Estate forays? I believe she had but in the role of a supportive wife, not with any criminal (wrong doer) intent. (If she is a grifter, which I seriously doubt, she was taught by one far more skilled in manipulative tactics than Casey -- who is inept at hiding areas of sensitivity.)

With respect to Galina’s transfer of property title to Casey? This is a common & customary practice in the State Of California, when one spouse is on paper (signatory to a loan) and the other is not. That does not mean Galina knew or understood what Casey was actually doing.

Regarding her credit card involvement? This too is a non-issue to prove any conspiratorial acts or duplicity. Galina’s personality type is to generally go-with-the-flow where her husband is concerned, resisting only when she fully understands the gravity and consequences of an issue. In short I sense, but cannot absolutely prove, that when it came to using credit cards? Galina simply believed Casey’s contentions and allowed the process.

Please note the above does not mean I am 100 percent accurate, and is not offered to you as absolute fact (proof of no wrong doing by Galina). There are some variables here (a few, not many) although the probabilities are, reasonably, that Galina’s involvement in Casey’s fiascoes is not as coconspirator, but nothing more than a supportive and loving wife.

You good folks are of course free to draw your own conclusions.


In other news, if you haven't already done so be sure to check out CaseyPedia for all things Casey Serin.


JohnDiddler said...


Google Bomber said...

Make that Casey Serin.

Schnapps said...

The point is, it doesn't matter in the eyes of the law. She signed the papers and the rule of law must be followed.

Its like I said over at EN - the woman needs an attorney. Badly.

Akubi said...

I agree. She needs to see an attorney without Casey’s involvement. Perhaps she’s already done that… If she were my sister, I'd drag her to one if I had to.
Hopefully, she’ll drop into EN one of these days and provide her side of the story.
I’d be curious what Aspeth says about Mark’s comments since she’s pretty hard-ass when it comes to Galina's involvement.

Aspeth said...

LOL...sorry I missed this earlier. As I explained to PMSPMS yesterday, the work and home dramas have made me a fairly antisocial blogger for the past couple of weeks.

When LossMitPro was on Serin's (second-to-last?) chat, I was struck by a couple of things: His eagerness to dismiss all Haterz comments as hubris made him look too eager to be Casey's sole "go-to" guy.

Does he, too, have some end-run game he's trying to play out? Or does he want the validation of being in the inner circle (aka Dante's fourth circle)?

He was particularly dismissive on the topic of prosecution, as well as the frequent IAFF visits from the Serins' various lenders and some LE agencies.

From personal experience, I can say that I was hit with a whole host of these visitors from the first day I posted about Casey. Countrywide was coming by everyday to read the latest post page.

So I can't figure out why he would busy himself trying to debunk something that is so clearly proven at face value.

As for Galina...Let's say that LMS's assessment of her is correct. In that case, her more thoughtful, deliberate nature (which many of us have suspected all along) means that she would be the first to sense the inappropriateness of the frauds, and the first to recognize just how bad things had gotten.

Women who are raised to sit quietly and not talk also become terrific observers of everything around them. They are also taught that, while they may look subservient to their husbands on the surface, they control the marriage in myriad softer, more subversive ways.

In other words, I stand by my original statement: Send Galina to jail as well.

Aspeth said...

Holy hell that looks long!!!

Sorry about that!!!

Akubi said...

After the podcast, LossMitPro lost any credibility he may have had, but what about Steve’s comments?

Aspeth said...

When Steve was talking, I felt like I was transported into another century. And I don't think I've ever heard two people say "man" so many times in one conversation.

But it did show just how far in left field Casey's been camping lately.

Akubi said...

Does "transported into another century" refer to the bit about taking care of his wife, etc.? Maybe I’m just cynical, but any woman who expects to be taken care of by her husband is in for a rude awakening. Not to mention the fact that I think it's masochistic to get married at 21 in the first place, but then I'm not a Russian Baptist (thank God). Nonetheless, the kid did seem earnest and concerned – quite different from his brother.
OT, but it sucked returning to work today. I think that’s why I don’t often take vacations.

Aspeth said...

Oh, definitely on all points there, Akubi--getting married at 21, that kind of reliance on the partner--all a different century, to me, and an incredibly risky way to live life, IMO.

I know what you mean about the's such a mindfuck to go back to work and it takes so freaking long to get caught up from being away for a mere week.