Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Murst!!!! Yessss!!!

For further details on Murst! click on All Things Casey Serin

P.S. Still a work in progress, but here's the Homey DA Clown YO YO YO ITS HOMEY TIME! easy button.

P.P.S. Update: Don't want to get in the way of the Game, but just so happened to note this SWEET DataJunkie image in the feeds:


Akubi said...


PMSPMS™©® said...

I'm not sure what to say to that! Woof for 1?

M. SINGH said...

Madame AKUBI,

Congratulations on being the first to post at Mr. SERIN's Web journal!

I suspect with the number of "sock puppet" replies he has crafted on his last post, yours may be the last "organic" comment he ever receives.

I remain,


Akubi said...

Interesting EN post I'm including here for possible inclusion in Caseypedia:

At 6:59 AM, Anonymous said...
Amused reader and occasional poster from Tokyo here. You'll have to forgive me for posting anon because I'm too lazy to deal with signing up for registration or whatever.

Anyway, it occured to me as I listened to the most recent call-in thing that there is a Japanese verb that applies perfectly to Casey: nagasu. If you look in the dictionary it gives English like "to float along" or "to cruise" as literal translation, but I think it not full capture the actual nuance of the word in daily life. There is no one word direct translation in English for nagasu, I believe.

Basically, nagasu is used in a situation where somebody is criticized, and then seems to accept the criticism entirely and humbly...but then does nothing to change the basic behavior first criticized. It is a very common way of reacting to uncomfortable in Japanese society, to avoid direct conflict. Or to appear of agree while just doing what you want anyway. Casey is a expert of nagasu I am absolutely sure. Because it can be said, he always agrees with the criticism and keeps saying "yes you are right, I have to work on that" over and over but then he just continues earlier behaviors without any changes at all.

It is very funny in one sense, but also a kind of sickness of behavior in his case, it seems.

Link: http://exurbannation.blogspot.com/2007/05/aftermath.html#c4858485865577027272