Saturday, May 19, 2007

Schnapps Declares Lawnmower Man a Winner & Breaking FACML Exclusive!!

Here at Baabaabaab, Schnapps declared Lawnmower man this week's 6 Degree of Casey Serin winner without even playing this week!
Here was his winning entry:
Travolta - Scientology - Serintology - Casey?

In other news foreclosure news...

Foreclosure Avoiders Changed My Life: Breaking FACML Exclusive!! That's FACML, Not FARML!!!

UPDATE: Digg Flailing's FACML Exclusive here:


Schnapps said...

Ya, ya.

Look, give me until the end of June - I'm working full time and have weekends booked for working until then :> I just got home and am absolutely bagged and have work to do tonight too. Oh and more new duties at the day job (temporarily, but the last temporary was supposed to be 4 months, and has extended to a year)

But just wait. I shall return to reclaim my crown :>

Akubi said...

I know, but mentioning you gets everyone motivated :).

Schnapps said...

So glad I am motivational :>