Saturday, May 26, 2007

Politics, sin and Satanism in swinging London

No, we're not Casey 24/7. There are other blogs that pique our blog about blog, etc. interest and this crazy Groovy Age of Horror cat finds and reviews novels straight out of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery.

P.S. More crazy horror "stuff" found in my feeds: LOST PARADISE (MASAMI AKITA, 1990)


M. SINGH said...


I believe I have the singular honor of being the first to post here.

I remain,


Akubi said...

While I am not "the other folks" you mentioned on CaseyPedia, I'm so in love with you, M. Singh.
Love Homey DA too, though. Share da love and da hate and it's all good in da end;).

Akubi said...

As a kid, one of the main reasons why I always stayed up late for Rod Serling re-runs (despite the fact that said parents hoped I should be studying or doing something more important and getting some rest, etc.) was: Pleasantly rational presentation of insanity.