Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Channeling M. SINGH

Olbermann To Bush: "This War Is Not About You...Shut The Hell Up!"

You, Mr. Bush, and your tragically know-it-all minions, threw out every piece of intelligence that suggested there were no such weapons.

You, Mr. Bush, threw out every person who suggested that the sober, contradictory, reality-based intelligence needed to be listened to, fast.

You, Mr. Bush, are responsible for how "intelligence communities all across the world shared the same assessment."

You and the sycophants you dredged up and put behind the most important steering wheel in the world propagated palpable nonsense and shoved it down the throat of every intelligence community across the world and punished anybody who didn't agree it was really chicken salad.

And you, Mr. Bush, threw under the bus, all of the subsequent critics who bravely stepped forward later to point out just how much of a self-fulfilling prophecy you had embraced, and adopted as this country's policy in lieu of, say, common sense.

The fiasco of pre-war intelligence, sir, is your fiasco.

You should build a great statue of yourself turning a deaf ear to the warnings of realists, while you are shown embracing the three-card monte dealers like Richard Perle and Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

That would be a far more fitting tribute to your legacy, Mr. Bush, than this presidential library you are constructing as a giant fable about your presidency, an edifice you might as claim was built from "Iraqi weapons of mass destruction" because there will be just as many of those inside your presidential library as there were inside Saddam Hussein's Iraq.


Ogg the Caveman said...


He seems angry even by his standards.

Centipede said...

And almost as angry as mine!

Akubi said...

Singer Neil Diamond has reached the top of the US Billboard album chart for the first time in his career.

Akubi said...

Hmmm, Gates seems to differ with Bush on foreign policy:
The United States should construct a combination of incentives and pressure to engage Iran, and may have missed earlier opportunities to begin a useful dialogue with Tehran, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said yesterday.

"We need to figure out a way to develop some leverage . . . and then sit down and talk with them," Gates said. "If there is going to be a discussion, then they need something, too. We can't go to a discussion and be completely the demander, with them not feeling that they need anything from us."

Edgar Alpo said...

Bush is a spoiled brat frat boy, maturity-wise. He never grew up, never quit blaming others for his failures. In the old days they had whipping boys so spoiled royal putzes like him would never receive the discipline they so desperately needed. We are less safe as a nation because of Bush. No-one in the world will ever believe U.S. intelligence nor trust U.S. judgment ever again.