Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On The Limits Of Memory

Square America: On The Limits Of Memory - About 70 (45 new to the site) optically distorted photos. Dreamy and strange, they are the product of cheap cameras and damaged negatives- no photoshop necessary.

Last month's Smoke series is also worth noting.


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Ogg the Caveman said...

Wow, sweet find. That site needs RSS though.

Akubi said...

Hi Ogg,
There's a blog with an rss, but it's at my workstation and I can't find it on the site. Note to self: post it here tomorrow.

OT, but I get really annoyed with the anti-global warming loosers(tm) that post comments on SFGATE's articles. They are either teenage trolls or come from some place like West Virginia - definitely not the Bay Area where we're experiencing record heat that's leaving me quite irritable.
How could anyone look at those NASA photos of Burma pre/post cylone and deny global warming AKA "Climate Change"?

Akubi said...

Why Is HRC Hanging In There?

Three possibilities:

1. She believes she can still win. The Clintons have been written off and yet rebounded so many times (Bill Clinton’s reelection to Governor of Arkansas after the 1980 loss, the Jennifer Flowers crisis in the 1992 New Hampshire primary, the 1996 reelection victory after the debacle of 1994, the rise in Bill Clinton’s post-presidential stature after Monica and Marc Rich, to name only a few) that they may have internalized a “comeback kid” mentality. They really believe Obama will make a terrible mistake between now and the Convention, or a skeleton will come out of his closet, or Gore will decide to support her, or some other event will tip enough super-delegates her way to give her a fighting chance at the Convention.

2. She wants to establish herself for a 2012 run, if Obama loses to McCain or if Obama proves to be such an unpopular president that the Democrats look for another standard-bearer. In this view, her tenacity throughout this race and her almost-win, coupled with the story she can credibly tell about her appeal to “Reagan Democrats” and the white working class, will make her the logical next choice. Even if she has to wait for 2016, she’s still young enough to be the rightful Democratic heir.

3. She wants the best possible deal she can strike with Obama. She wants Obama to agree to pay her campaign debts, to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations (so she can claim a moral victory), and – the quietest deal of all – a personal commitment from him to appoint her to the Supreme Court when the next vacancy occurs.

My view? Some of all three. But she and her husband are also smart enough to know they’re fast approaching a tipping point, after which time #1 is a complete delusion, #2 is more difficult to achieve because she will be perceived as having endangered the chances not just of Obama but of congressional Democrats seeking to solidify their House majority and also gain sixty votes in the Senate, and #3 become less likely because she’s at her maximum bargaining strength now and is about to lose it (consider Edwards’ endorsement today.)

Centipede said...

Is that a young Hillary Clinton pouting in the top photo?

Akubi said...

She's too cute to be a young Billary.

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No Child is Safe said...

Why no child is safe from the sinister cult of emo