Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Negative energy to fill the fuel tank of her spaceship"

The mastermind behind all the mayhem is this innocent-looking little girl, pictured here talking to her robot servant. She's really a crash-landed alien, and desperately needs negative energy to fill the fuel tank of her spaceship, otherwise she can't return home. (negative energy = pain, fear, guilt and any other bad emotions she can milk out of humans)
More absurd Terror Blu insanity over at The Groovy Age of Horror.

Edgar has discovered yet another bizarre Billary find:


Akubi said...

Another pledged delegate switches to Obama

Anonymous said...

Good news! Murst!

Ogg the Caveman said...

Personally I think this business of pledged delegates switching is unsettling, even if it's going to help bring about the outcome that I want.

Akubi said...


Typically, I would agree.
However, Billary opened the Pandora's Box so I find it amusing it's working against her.
Hillary = Hubris

In other news, I found this Technorati ad intriguing.
(As posted on Zillow Book my banned blog!)