Friday, May 9, 2008

Fishnet Friday Jejachitso

If you’re seeking a low carbon feel-good meal this weekend Wagga has the recipe for you: Jejachitso

Cooling my heels by ~DeadThings

The Jejachitso Recipe.

Back before Windows 95 attempted to destroy the world, my business partner introduced me to the
fundamental "noodle soup" concept. Not to be confused with the packaged noodle soups that Casey Serin
refuses to eat. After several years of development, Jejachitso was introduced to a pack of hungry
backpackers on an outing to Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands of Southern California. Several
super-sized saucepans were sucked up in seconds. Acclaim followed on successive backpack trips - but don't forget
that that the experimental subjects had a gruelling dozen or two miles under the boots before dinner!.
Jejachitso also gained an inexplicable following as "Fried Lettuce Soup".

Like Cioppino, Jejachitso is a "bring what you got" dish, so do feel free to experiment.


Broth, Protein, Leafy Vegetables, Garlic, Green Onions, Special Oils, Pasta.

The Base:

Homemade or canned chicken broth, "Minors" or "Better Than Bouillon" base, or "Marmite" (for a more
beefish (but vegetarian) feel). That's the Jewish part. Use at least 1 teaspoon per pint. (Except for Marmite).

The Protein:

Dice up some "Very Firm", "Ultra Firm" or "Construction Grade" Tofu. Sautee to golden plus in a big
cast-iron skillet with a neutral (Canola/Corn) oil. Alternatively, or, in addition, there is shrimp or Ahi
tuna (browned quickly) or calamari or abalone or scallops (as yet untried). Or Kobe beef.
If you haven't guessed, that's the Japanese part.

The Leafy Veggies:

Bok Choi, Pak Choi, NAPA cabbage or even real spinach, but certainly not iceberg lettuce. Cut off the
crunchy parts & sautee in sesame oil. To thicken, construct a roux with several tablespoons of flour,
quenching with a white wine or shitty Chinese beer. Reduce. Toss the sauteed parts & the reserved
green bits into the pot several minutes before serving. Without a doubt, the Chinese part.

The Other Ethnic Bit:

The Italian Job is accomplished by sauteeing at least a handful of garlic cloves in olive oil to golden
perfection. Then sautee (In olive oil) the crunchy parts of the green onions in olive oil. Add the green
parts several minutes before serving. Drained al dente spaghetti or other pasta is optionally added in the
last few seconds. A small amount of brown sugar & white pepper is good.
You could add salt, bay leaves or Italian Seasoning, but that would fuck it up.
So now you know where the "It" part comes from.

The "So" part:

Is it "Soup" - is it nuts - or is it Soy Sauce? GOK


Ogg the Caveman said...

Hmm... interesting. Rather more involved than I thought it would be at murst after reading the initial description.

Mitchell said...

The mosquito fish: another vital component of foreclosed pool ecology.

Edgar Alpo said...

Doesn't she realize how inefficient it is to leave the door open like that? Just kidding, have a nice weekend, I'm off to do more sharecropping today.

Akubi said...

It sounds pretty good though doesn't it?

Excellent find worthy of it's own post (as soon as I have a chance)!

What did you plant today? Sounds relaxing. Enjoy your weekend!
BTW did you note Edgar's Toilet's latest finds such as the Japanese Toilet Capsule Toy

Edgar Alpo said...

What did you plant today?

I hauled compost and planted cukes.

Akubi said...

Hi Edgar,
I love compost and spent some time cultivating it with this lady many years ago.
What are cukes?