Saturday, May 10, 2008

Facing Foreclosure? Breed Fish!

Or bread them...?

Hat tip to Mitchell for this find...

There's mucho dinero to be made in this mortgage meltdown situation, but instead of jumping in your time machine, traveling back to last summer and shorting subprime, why not get creative about it? According to the Journal, anyone interested in getting rich should dive into the fish fucking business, stat. Michael Corkery reports that the Gambusia affinis, i.e. the "mosquito fish," is making a name for itself in California, Arizona, Florida and anywhere else you might find a ton of foreclosed homes con swimming pools. Apparently the abandoned estate's water-based recreational facilities are becoming infested by mosquitoes, and causing worry about the spread of diseases like West Nile. Instead of using humans to spray pesticides, the fish are increasingly being deployed to the areas of concern, where they eat up to 500 larvae a day. "They are the real heroes," said Josefa Cabadad, a technician with the Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District. "I've never seen a mosquito in a pool with mosquito fish." Start breeding.

Your Big Money Idea Of The Day

The problem: swimming pools of abandoned homes have turned into mosquito breeding grounds.
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Then spoke the thunder
Datta: what have we given?
My friend, blood shaking my heart
The awful daring of a moment's surrender
Which an age of prudence can never retract
By this, and this only, we have existed
Which is not to be found in our obituaries
Or in memories draped by the beneficent spider
Or under seals broken by the lean solicitor
In our empty rooms
Dayadhvam: I have heard the key
Turn in the door once and turn once only
We think of the key, each in his prison
Thinking of the key, each confirms a prison
Only at nightfall, aetherial rumours
Revive for a moment a broken Coriolanus
Damyata: The boat responded
Gaily, to the hand expert with sail and oar
The sea was calm, your heart would have responded
Gaily, when invited, beating obedient
To controlling hands


Ogg the Caveman said...


Ahh, the dirty pool. Casey at his finest.

Anonymous said...

Moe Skee Toe.

Akubi said...

Wasted the afternoon trying on BS bridesmaids gown again - when I broke out in a cold sweat they assumed something was wrong with me.
Essentially, I needed water and a dress free zone. I have not worn a dress in at least 10 years.
I was reassured that I looked like Marilyn Monroe in the The Seven Year Itch which didn't much help.
Dresses suck.

Akubi said...


Akubi said...


Anonymous said...

As long as you don't start dancing on camera you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Okay, try not to do this too.

Akubi said...

Yes, the dirty pool was the height of the Casey Insanity.

There's no way in hell I'll be doing either of those things. Wow, the dresses in the second video are even uglier than the ones I've tried on.