Friday, August 10, 2007

6 Degrees of Casey Serin – Casey to Cap’n Crunch

Hey Kidz,

It’s Friday and time for a new 6 Degrees of Casey Serin game!


In honor of the credit crunch crunch-a-tizing the world markets this week's challenge is Casey to Cap’n Crunch.


Crunch-a-tize Me Cap'n!


Ogg the Caveman said...

Murst! now, submission later.

Anonymous said...

It's time to play, woohoo!

1) Cap'n Crunch had a breakfast cereal named after him.

2) The cereal stayed crunchy in milk.

3) Milk comes from a cow.

4) Casey Serin called his wife a cow.

5) Casey Serin, aka KC, should have his ass barbequed in KC Masterpiece bbq sauce, which, BTW, contains sweet molasses.

Rob Dawg said...

1) Casey imagines himself a Cap'n of Industry.
2) Casey makes Cap'n Crunch look competent.
3) Casey and the Cap'n both dress funny.
4) The Cap'n and Casey both have strange diets.
5) The Cap'n is a creature of fantaxy and commercial exploitation.
6) Casey and Caseyworld™ are, well... you get it.

NotAnOptimist said...

1) Casey needs to take a bath.

2) In a recent post by Akubi, we saw Toxxxy taking a bath with Fruit Loops.

3) Fruit Loops is a type of cereal.

4) Cap'n Crunch is also a cereal.

wagga said...

John Draper was known as Captain Crunch
in the '70s for his ability to steal long-distance phone calls. The whistle he originally used
was a prize in the Cap'n Crunch cereal box. It's frequency was 2600 Hertz. He served time in jail for his exploits. He created a device known as the "Blue Box", which became a favourite of phreaks worldwide. He later went on to living in a van and also travelled to Australia, where he designed and wrote web sites to make a living. He is currently pretty much a homeless person with a laptop. Mr. Draper now lives on the margins of this affluent world, still striving to carve out a role in the business mainstream.

Connecting Mr. Draper to kc looks really tough, espcially as he (Mr. Draper) has held W2 jobs with Apple & Autodesk, among others.

Let's try this:

2600 Hertz plus kc's putative IQ gets us to 2731.
Aspeth's "12 Years..." gets us to 2743.
The first reported kc scam was the "Ponzi scheme" at age 14, now we have 2757.
And finally, kc was $2.2 million in debt. As a million is a small number, a simple float roundup yields 2.

Grand Total is 2759.
That number rings a bell, somewhere...

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...


NotAnOptimist said...

gawd Wagga... am in awe. or, I would be, once I stop laughing.

Akubi said...

While I try to remain an impartial admin of the 6 Degrees game I have to admit wagga's post is pretty f-ing hilarious. He seems pretty determined to hold on to his champion title.
Also note we have a murst with Rob Dawg's entry.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Well, normally I'd go for the most indirect and convoluted thing I can come up with. However, I've clearly been beaten at that game today. Since I have no chance I'll just go for the cheap shot.

1. Cap'n Crunch is a breakfast cereal.

2. So is Froot Loops.

3. Casey could fuck a Froot Loop without breaking it.

(I had a friend in college who was nicknamed Froot Loop for that reason.)

Gypsy Pete said...

Casey is a cereal fraud who eats cereal all day I suspect.

Santa Flipper Clause said...

Ho Ho Ho - It's Santa Flipper Clause

1. Cap'n Crunch dresses as somewhat of a fruit

2. Cap'n Crunch should not be allowed near children

3. Cap'n Crunch does not have a wife (that I know of)

4. Cap'n Crunch lost money flipping pancakes

5. Cap'n Crunch has no car

6. Viola --- Casey is Cap'n Crunch

Santa F. Clause