Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cars Suck

UNRELATED VIDEO UPDATE due to the currently broken link below (had to have something here):

Interpol - Untitled The Remix via


Casey Serin said...

F I R S T !

Quite frankly, I'm more concerned with this Interpol. You know, the one that arrests career criminals -- I'm not on their most wanted list yet, but give it time... ;-p

w said...

Did you make that Arugula eaters for Obama campaign pin? Too funny.

Edgar Alpo said...

Dyslexic car haterz(tm) untie!

Akubi said...

Hmm, looks like there are some problems with my linky.

Yeah, you still have plenty of time. This creep was 8 years older than you.

Actually I didn't make it. The Arugula Eaters for Obama button is part of this Latte-Sipping, Prius-Driving, Arugula-Eating Egghead product line that even includes thongs.

Untie now! Woohoo!

Akubi said...

So I went to the dentist today and was informed that I need 4 fillings. Other than one, none of them were new. Apparently I have managed to grind away the other 3 fillings. As we were discussing my teeth grinding and related TMJ the dentist suggested I consider a Kois Deprogrammer. He said I could find more info online and spelled out "K-O-I-S" for me. I just couldn't help, but respond with "Koi as in a kind of fish?"

wagga said...


That was a clanger (the other kind, tho)

& Who did the video, Rolf Harris?

Project SCOBY Doo™ said...

I have no idea who did the video. While I was following the unicorn trail on YouTube yesterday, I just happened to find it.

Akubi said...

Once an Emo always an Emo.